The social media site has barred some users for risque content despite it being a platform for H๏τ tub content that can sometimes be Sєxual yet generating high earnings

Twitch has barred H๏τ tub streamer Clara Duh for the second time in a month as the model claimed she was “too H๏τ” for the channel.

A message on her social media site read: “Too H๏τ for Twitch… on Kick now.”

Her online comments have included: “Roses are red… Violets are fine. You be the six. I’ll be the nine.” A Twitter page showed her dressed in a black ʙικιɴι and stockings with the message: “Just a kitty looking to get her licks in.” The star’s ousting comes after Twitch banned another H๏τ tub streamer when her ʙικιɴι broadcast went viral for going a bit too far with what was allowed on the platform.

Streamer brianas_w0rld restarted the discussion on whether or not such content belonged on the site.

The H๏τ tub meta on Twitch remains one of the site’s most controversial after a debate over its acceptance due to what some perceive as Sєxual content, with some users earning upwards of £500,000.

While Twitch decided to give H๏τ tub streams their own category, there are still streamers who push the boundaries.

Amouranth, a H๏τ tub streamer and one of the platform’s biggest stars, has been handed five temporary suspensions from Twitch in the past. The platform operates very strict rules on nudity, with users banned from streaming undressed or exposing their genitals or ʙuттocks. In some instances, visitors are invited to donate money for their name to be written on the subject’s body. Some subjects have come under scrutiny for copying yoga poses and doing exercises in their bikins while posing for the camera.