20-time champion will lose to Roman Reigns in rumored Undisputed WWE Universal Championship match, predicts veteran

Wrestling veteran Matt Morgan believes Randy Orton will lose to Roman Reigns in a potential Undisputed WWE Universal Championship match.

After nearly a year and a half of absence due to injury, The Viper returned to the Stamford-based company last month. The 20-time champion has since signed an exclusive contract with SmackDown after Nick Aldis promised him a shot at The Bloodline. Many now believe Orton will square off against The Tribal Chief for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at the upcoming Royal Rumble Premium Live Event.

On the Gigantic Pop podcast, Morgan discussed with his co-hosts Raj Giri and Glenn Rubenstein Reigns’ anticipated return to SmackDown next Friday. They predicted a confrontation between him and Orton would happen. They also agreed that the company is seemingly building for a match between the two superstars.

When Giri mentioned that the “haters” would be saying, ‘Oh, Randy is gonna lose,” Morgan commented, predicting that The Viper will indeed suffer defeat against the leader of The Bloodline.

“[I’m pretty sure they’re doing something with him and Randy. I think it’s gonna be something hot on Friday night and then people are gonna forget about (Reigns’) absence and they’re gonna be all in on Roman and Randy. And you’re gonna have the hater’s being like ‘Oh, well, Randy is gonna lose.’] He will,” he said. [1:12:56 – 1:13:11]

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Freddie Prinze Jr. asked a WWE star to help him get payback on Randy Orton

In 2009, Hollywood star Freddie Prinze Jr. guest hosted Monday Night RAW. During the show, he was confronted and attacked by Randy Orton.

While interviewing Santos Escobar on his Wrestling with Freddie podcast, the former WWE writer jokingly asked the SmackDown star to help him get some payback on The Viper.

“If you do wrestle Randy Orton, you gotta give him one for me coz he jacked my back up when I hosted Monday Night RAW. He granted it was my fault but I need some payback. I need some payback,” Prinze Jr. said. “It won’t be easy, hermano. It won’t be easy. He’s huge right now. I might end up getting one for my own but I’ll do it for you, bro,” Escobar repl

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