Batista’s possible match with 2-time WWE Champion could do big “box office business,” according to legend (Exclusive)

The Animal was one of the biggest wrestling stars in the mid-2000s to early 2010s, before he made a transition to a successful acting career. As expected, owing to his movie commitments, Batista announced his retirement from the business following his last match at WrestleMania 35, against his career rival Triple H.

A few weeks back, The All-Mighty opened up about the Hollywood star in an interview, saying he wanted him to step back in the squared circle. He also expressed his desire to have a match with him if he were to return.

On Sportskeeda’s The Wrestling Time Machine podcast hosted by Mac Davis, Teddy Long stated that Batista’s Hollywood status has made his WWE return a highly anticipated one. He firmly believes if The Animal and Bobby Lashley were to be pitted against each other, they could make loads of money for the promotion.

“I think as Bill was saying earlier, Batista’s popularity has really skyrocketed, and he’s been gone for a while. So people are ready to see him. I think he and Bobby Lashley would certainly do some box office business. That would be one to see,” said Teddy Long. [1:26 – 1:43]

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