The Rock to dethrone 16-time champion and win major title for the first time in his WWE career? Hint: It’s not Roman Reigns

WWE could have a major surprise in store for fans as The Rock could win a title very soon. Following his blockbuster return on the previous episode of SmackDown, fans have been wondering what is next for The Great One.

One possible direction for The People’s Champion could see him challenge a 16-time champion for his title. However, we are not talking about Roman Reigns, as the superstar in question is Rey Mysterio. For those unaware, The Rock had earlier revealed in his 2008 Hall of Fame speech that he always wanted to face The Luchador inside the WWE ring.

Moreover, The Brahma Bull has never won the United States Championship in his career. The creative team could have the former WWE Champion challenge Rey for the title, setting up a dream match.

The Hollywood icon could be the one to dethrone the Hall of Famer, given the fact that WWE wouldn’t want to hinder his momentum by having him lose a match before his rumored WrestleMania clash against Roman Reigns.

WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio shares his thoughts on The Rock

Rey Mysterio shared his honest opinion on The Rock in an earlier interview. While speaking to Alex McCarthy of Inside The Ropes, the Hall of Famer heaped huge praise on The Brahma Bull before stating that a match against him would have been special.

“So I remember flying back with him, and man, such an incredible human being, very, very humble, feet flat and firm on the ground. We never had the opportunity to speak about that particular moment but he did mention to me that he was always a fan watching us on WCW, and would always tune in when me or Juventud [Guerrera] or Psicosis were on TV to see what we were gonna do that night. [With regard to a match] It would have been special.”

While a dream match between the duo never came to fruition during their peak years, it may finally happen following The Great One’s recent return.

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