3 Possible replacements for Charlotte Flair following her real-life injury on WWE SmackDown

Charlotte Flair recently suffered a real-life injury on the recent episode of WWE SmackDown during her match against Asuka.

The company has not yet officially announced the current status of the Queen following the devastating moment. However, reports indicate that Flair has been pulled from her recent house show appearance, suggesting a potential break from WWE.

As Charlotte holds the position of the second top babyface on Friday Nights, her absence may prompt the need for a replacement in the ongoing storyline until her recovery.

With that said, let’s discuss three possible replacements for Charlotte Flair after her scary spot on SmackDown.

#3. Becky Lynch might be traded to SmackDown until Charlotte Flair’s recovery

One potential star who could serve as a replacement for Flair is none other than Becky Lynch. The Man has already been involved in the ongoing storyline on SmackDown alongside Charlotte Flair.

Recently, Lynch joined forces with Bianca Belair, Shotzi, and Flair against Team Damage CTRL at Survivor Series WarGames, emerging victorious.

Considering the absence of Charlotte Flair, a possible scenario that may unfold is Nick Aldis advocating for a temporary trade to bring Becky Lynch to SmackDown after discussing it with Adam Pearce.

This move could help fill the void left by Flair until her recovery. Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair share a similar level of popularity in the Stamford-based promotion.

#2. Bayley might turn into a babyface star once again

Bayley emerges as another potential candidate to fill the void left by Charlotte Flair as the second top babyface star in the women’s division. Although currently a member of Damage CTRL, there have been hints suggesting a possible betrayal by the villainous faction, leading to a face turn for the multi-time Women’s Champion.

In the event of Flair taking a hiatus, the potential scenario that might unfold could involve Damage CTRL attacking Bayley, propelling her into the role of a top babyface star on Friday Nights.

#1. Tiffany Stratton might get a main roster callout

Tiffany Stratton showcased her skills in a Women’s Iron Survivor Series Challenge match at NXT Deadline but fell short of securing victory for a future NXT Women’s title shot.

With Tiffany currently not engaged in a major storyline on the developmental brand, this could potentially pave the way for her main roster debut, possibly filling the void left by the Queen on SmackDown.

The company also already seems to be positioning her as the face of the future, making this move a step in that direction.

In a past interview, Tiffany hinted at a potential main roster call-up around WrestleMania time when the timing would be right. In the event of Charlotte taking a break due to her injury, Tiffany Stratton could seize the opportunity to make her SmackDown debut, potentially entering a feud against Damage CTRL.

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