At Royal Rumble 2024, it is now looking more likely we see a clash between Roman Reigns and Randy Orton. On the most recent episode of WWE SmackDown, The Viper summoned The Tribal Chief through his Wiseman Paul Heyman. Furthermore, the fact that the 14-time World Champion is now a permanent member of the blue brand significantly increases the likelihood of this anticipated showdown.

To heighten the anticipation for this marquee match among fans, it’s conceivable that the company might choose to add a stipulation to their encounter at Royal Rumble 2024.

With that being said, let’s discuss four stipulations for Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton if it takes place at the upcoming premium live event.

#4. Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton might take place inside a Hell in a Cell structure

One possible stipulation that could be added to this match is Hell in a Cell. The potential rationale behind this addition might be to escalate the level of brutality and physicality in the contest. Additionally, The Tribal Chief hasn’t participated in a Hell in a Cell match in recent years, making the inclusion of this stipulation a fresh and exciting prospect for fans anticipating his next title defense.

By incorporating Hell in a Cell, the match becomes a confined battleground, preventing any potential interference and likely leading to a clean and decisive ending. This not only adds a layer of intensity to the already anticipated showdown between Roman Reigns and Randy Orton but also ensures a heightened level of anticipation among fans for this championship clash.

#3. Reigns vs Orton might be a No Holds Barred match

Another stipulation that might be added to this potential match is No Holds Barred. This stipulation would permit both stars to utilize any kind of weapon, such as tables, ladders, chairs, and more, against each other to secure victory, with no disqualifications in play.

The addition of a No Holds Barred stipulation is bound to inject an extra level of excitement among fans for this clash at Royal Rumble. The freedom for both Roman Reigns and Randy Orton to unleash a full array of brutal and unorthodox tactics would undoubtedly intensify the anticipation surrounding their showdown.

#2. The championship will change hands via disqualification may be added as a condition for the match

A match between Randy Orton and Roman Reigns could feature a unique stipulation where even the winner by disqualification is awarded the title.

Typically, in the Stamford-based promotion, if a participant wins via disqualification in a title bout, they do not secure the championship but rather the current champion retains the title despite the disqualification loss.

Adding this specific stipulation to the match between Orton and Reigns at Royal Rumble would introduce a major twist, deviating from the usual rules.

This not only adds an intriguing element to the match but also heightens the danger to the historic title of The Tribal Chief, making the outcome even more uncertain and captivating for the fans.

#1. The Bloodline might be banned from ringside

In many of Roman Reigns’ recent matches, The Tribal Chief secures victory with assistance from his Bloodline members, allowing him to retain his title. However, Randy Orton is well aware of the numbers game, having been part of historic groups like Evolution. To counteract this, it’s possible that the match between Reigns and Orton could include a stipulation banning The Bloodline from ringside.

This potential scenario could unfold when The Viper provokes the Undisputed Champion by asserting that he can’t win without his Samoan allies. In response, Roman Reigns may incorporate this stipulation into the match to demonstrate that he can indeed emerge victorious without the support of the Bloodline members.