40-year-old star returning to WWE for Bray Wyatt: “I’m coming back to represent my fallen brother”

Bray Wyatt was a friend and brother to many WWE stars behind the scenes. Braun Strowman, who has been out of action for a while, revealed that he isn’t returning to TV for himself but for Wyatt.

Strowman debuted on the main roster as the “Black Sheep” of the Wyatt Family in 2015 and has since established himself as a popular name in WWE. The Monster of all Monsters has been sidelined from in-ring competition since May 1, as he underwent neck surgery and has been training for a comeback.

During an interview with India Today’s Alan Jose John, the former Universal Champion opened up about his return and what is driving him to get back into the squared circle.

The 40-year-old isn’t thinking about himself, and all his focus is on ensuring he represents Bray Wyatt, as he stressed below:

“I’m so blessed that he saw something in me and believed in me if something happened to him and step up into that role to be the godfather of his son. So I’m not only coming back to represent myself, I’m coming back to represent my fallen brother,” said Strowman.

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