45-year-old ex-WWE Superstar ready to come out of retirement for a groundbreaking match against Rhea Ripley

Former WWE star Gabbi Tuft (f.k.a. Tyler Reks) would be open to a match against the Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley.

Tuft publicly came out as a trans woman in 2021 after years on the wrestling circuit. Since then, she has garnered a lot of admiration from fans. The 45-year-old has tried to create awareness by sharing her story, hoping to give strength and inspiration to others.

Tuft spoke with TV Insider recently, mentioning how Rhea Ripley has become a force in WWE. She revealed that if ever given a chance to return to the squared circle, she would like to lock horns with the Judgment Day member.

The WWE star pointed out that Rhea was a top athlete and given her tenacity, she would be the perfect opponent for a groundbreaking match.

“I had open-heart surgery in July 2019. I said to my doctor, ‘Hey, review my scans. Am I clear to go wrestle if I want?’ I’m hoping to hear back from this week to see if I’m a hundred percent clear. If that’s the case, very shortly I may resume training… We have Rhea Ripley right now, who is such a force in WWE. She is powerful. To be honest, when I look at her and her athleticism and tenacity, I see a phenomenal opponent. A phenomenal match in the making.”

Rhea Ripley reached a new milestone this week

Over the last year, Ripley has emerged as the most dominant force on the WWE Women’s roster. This week, she completed 250 days as the champion and shared a post on Twitter celebrating the major milestone.

Earlier this year, she won the Royal Rumble match and set up a WrestleMania encounter with Charlotte Flair. The two women met in a rematch of their 2020 ‘Mania encounter. However, Rhea was better prepared this time, winning the match and becoming the SmackDown Women’s Champion.

During the 2023 Draft, she moved to Monday Night RAW. Soon after, WWE shelved the SmackDown Women’s Title and awarded her the Women’s World Championship. The Eradicator of the Judgment Day has faced several opponents since then but has emerged victorious every single time.

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