Over the years, John Cena’s career in WWE earned him many accolades and achievements. While Cena became a 16-time world champion in the Stamford-based promotion, he also gained popularity, leading him to pursue a successful career in Hollywood.

However, among all these things achieved by the leader of Cenation, his love and respect for the US Military have remained constant. Whenever presented with an opportunity, the 16-time world champion has spoken highly of his country’s armed forces, which has always delighted fans.

It has also made some fans question whether John Cena ever served in the US military. The answer to such a question would be no. Even though it might seem that way, the 46-year-old was never part of the Military. However, he always paid homage and respect to the contributions of those who were.

However, while Cena has not served in the Military, he made his Holywood debut with a movie named The Marine. After appearing in the film, Cena returned to the Stamford-based promotion in a style similar to that of a soldier.

Real-life Bloodline member almost cried watching Solo Sikoa beat John Cena

When John Cena made his return to WWE sometime ago, he was involved in a feud with The Bloodline. While Cena began this rivalry positively, it ended terribly for him at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia. At the Premium Live Event, Cena faced Solo Sikoa in the singles match.

Despite many believing the leader of Cenation would win before the match, Solo Sikoa registered a dominant victory. While the result did not make many happy, Sikoa’s cousin brother Jacob Fatu was thrilled.

During a chat with MuscleManMalcom, Fatu said:

“I watched it live when it was going on on Peacock, but it was good. Coming from growing up with Uso and seeing John, mind you, John Cena, he’s wrestled all our family members. So for him and Solo to tap in, and what he did for Solo, and what Solo did, it was awesome. Once again, this is my family. We’re all like this [crosses his fingers], locked in. It felt good, da*n nearly brought tears to my eyes. It’s the business that we love to do. It’s the business that changed our lives. It’s the business that we feed our kids off of. So it was good. I was juiced. I mean, it’s Crown Jewel. F**k it, it’s John Cena, baby.”


Fatu’s reaction to Solo’s win over Cena is not surprising. After all, The Bloodline member beat a legend early in this career. It will be interesting to see how Sikoa’s career progresses and what he will achieve.

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