Adult star tattooed her own body – but now wants to get most of her ink removed

Before Vera Bambi made her name as an OnlyFans model and attracted over 900,000 followers on Instagram, she pursued a hobby as a tattoo artist, and even ended up practising by inking herself

An OnlyFans model has opened up about her hobby for tattooing her own body – and admitted that regrets about her choices means she wants to get a lot of them removed.

Vera Bambi is a musician and adult model, earning a living from sharing saucy content with her followers on OnlyFans. Despite her adult career, the performer recently made the surprising admission that she doesn’t watch porn.

And, later on in the same episode of the Inside OnlyFans podcast, Vera delved into her heavily tattooed appearance, admitting that she regretted a lot of her bodily artwork.

“Before modelling I was tattooing, and a lot of the tattoos that I have, I actually did myself,” she revealed.

“When you tattoo yourself, you do not feel it. It’s the craziest thing, because if you sit under somebody else’s needle, you can feel it dragging on your skin.”

Vera has a full sleeve tattoo on one arm, as well as palm and hand tattoos, and she lifted the lid on the process of how she had decorated her body with the individual pieces of artwork.

“I have this one on my leg that was six hours, which if you look at it, it shouldn’t have taken six hours but I was practicing, and when you practice, you either practice on the fake skin or you practice on yourself,” she continued.

“I remember sitting on my dinner table – because I didn’t have a set up at the time – with my leg up… with a hundred dollar tattoo machine in one hand and my leg in another and I’m just tattooing.

“The thing is you’re so focused on making it perfect, because there’s no room for mistakes in tattoos, and when you’re so focused on that, you don’t feel anything.”

But, despite enjoying her inking hobby, Vera admitted that she is planning on getting a lot of her tattoos removed by laser.

“I actually did a complete 180, because I really want to get a lot of my tattoos removed… honestly just laser them off of me because they just get in the way a lot,” she confessed.

“There’s certain things that I justified when I was younger… [But] I can’t even tell you what I said when I was younger because it was just so stupid.”

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