Alexa Bliss provides a major update amid her WWE absence

Alexa Bliss recently took to Twitter to provide a major update on her official Instagram handle, which was recently blacked out

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Bliss is currently pregnant with her first baby, who is set to arrive in December of this year. The WWE star is married to singer Ryan Cabrera. The former RAW Women’s Champion has been absent from WWE television for a while, however, she has updated her fans by occasionally sharing photos of her baby bump.

Taking to Twitter, Bliss provided an update on her glitched Instagram handle, revealing that the WWE social media team is working on it. She also confirmed to be doing fine herself:

“I’m fine, wwe social team been working w IG – they have a glitch where my ig keeps getting messed up – they’ve fixed it before . They’ll fix it again lol,” wrote Bliss.

Check out Bliss’ tweet:

Alexa Bliss previously spoke about her time away from WWE

Alexa Bliss previously spoke about her lengthy absence from WWE and in-ring competition.

During an interview with The Messenger, Little Miss Bliss stated that being away from in-ring competition and evolving one’s character is the key to career longevity. Bliss also thinks that being away from in-ring competition gives a superstar the time to evolve. She said:

“Time away and reinventing a character, and evolving yourself is the key to career longevity at WWE. So I always say time away is such a good thing because it gives people the time to miss you. When you’re being seen on WWE [TV] three or four times an episode, you don’t really have anywhere to go with your character. So whenever you take time off, it’s always a good time to evolve and to keep going.”

Bliss is expected to make her in-ring return after the birth of her child.

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