Alexa Bliss sends a message to Charlotte Flair amid WWE absence

WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss recently conveyed a message to Charlotte Flair through her Instagram story.

Bliss has been one of the top stars of the Women’s division ever since her debut with the Stamford-based promotion. The former Women’s Champion is currently on hiatus due to her pregnancy.

Bliss recently shared a clip of one of her matches against Charlotte Flair on her Instagram story, and highlighted how fun the bout was.

Alexa Bliss' recent post
Alexa Bliss’ recent post

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The posted video showcased the RAW Women’s Championship match between the duo at the Extreme Rules Premium Live Event in 2021. It will be interesting to see what the Stamford-based promotion has in store for Bliss upon her return.

WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss opened up about time away from wrestling

Alexa Bliss recently talked about the advantages of being away from the ring.

In an interview with The Messenger, Bliss discussed how taking time away from the ring could provide an opportunity for individuals to reinvent both themselves and their on-screen character.

“Time away and reinventing a character, and evolving yourself is the key to career longevity at WWE. So I always say time away is such a good thing because it gives people the time to miss you. When you’re being seen on WWE [TV] three or four times an episode, you don’t really have anywhere to go with your character. So whenever you take time off, it’s always a good time to evolve, and to keep going,” Bliss shared.


The talented star was last seen in action during the RAW Women’s Championship match against Bianca Belair at this year’s Royal Rumble event. Since then, she has been on hiatus, focusing on her pregnancy.

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