Alexa Bliss sends Stephanie McMahon a message

Alexa Bliss has been absent from the WWE ring for some time now. Earlier in the year, she stopped appearing on the shows, and soon she announced her pregnancy. Before that, it had appeared that she had been gearing up for a pairing with Bray Wyatt that never came to fruition. Now, the star has sent Stephanie McMahon a message.

Bliss’ run in WWE is paused for the time being as the star has taken time away due to her pregnancy. Even after she gives birth, it might take some time before she finally chooses to return to the ring. She’s said as much, stating that she wanted to spend time bonding with the baby before she considered returning to in-ring action.

While fans will have to wait before her return to the ring, Alexa Bliss has now taken to Twitter to send Stephanie McMahon a heartwarming message. In the message, she wished her a happy birthday and said that she hoped that Stephanie had a good day.

“Happy birthday @StephMcMahon !!! Hope you have an amazing day!”

Much like Alexa Bliss, Stephanie has not been with the company for a while. With Vince McMahon returning to the company earlier in the year, his daughter stepped away from the company, announcing as much.

She resigned, announcing that she had decided to return to her leave and would be cheering WWE on from the sidelines. Since then, she’s not been seen in the company.

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