It is well-deserved that Alexandra Daddario’s acting career is ready to take the next significant step. After becoming the star of the Percy Jackson movies, where she portrayed a fierce demigod with startling ease, she toiled away in comedy reruns, supporting parts in Zac Efron movies, and the occasional music video. She has now been nominated for a Primetime Emmy for the HBO series The White Lotus. In addition to all of these things, Alexandra Daddario has established herself as a style icon because of her stunning appearance.

In this specific Instagram image from Alexandra Daddario, the True Detective actress poses while wearing a fitted blue dress with a Chinese garden motif by storied fashion company Dior. In the first picture of the collection, Alexandra Daddario is artistically posed in a traditional magazine cover posture and is close up from the waist up. Her lips are slightly open, and her head is cocked back and upward. She has lowered shoulders and is picture-perfect in every way.

She might be in a luxurious hotel room based on the appearance of the surroundings. Hopefully, still on their honeymoon, the actress and movie producer Andrew Form were recently wed in New Orleans. The actress is seen twirling in the same outfit in the second, slightly blurry photo, but no amount of blurriness can take away from how beautiful the woman looks.