Angelina Jolie‘s movie Those Who Wish Me Dead is making waves again on streaming.

The thriller, which was also performing really well this summer, is currently dominating in the top ten position of the following apps: HBO, iTunes, and Hulu in various countries, according to FlixPatrol.

Those Who Wish Me Dead follows a boy that witnesses his father’s murder and immediately goes on the run with a smokejumper portrayed by Jolie. They escape to the wilderness in Montana after two assassins are hired to keep the boy silent.

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The movie also stars Finn Little, Jon Bernthal, Aidan Gillen, Nicholas Hoult, Jake Weber, and Medina Senghore. Since the film’s release earlier this year, it has generated $23.4 million. Not bad for a movie with a $20 million production budget.

Since the film’s release, Jolie went on to star on Marvel’s Eternals. The actress revealed in a recent interview why she wanted to be a part of a diverse cast.

“I didn’t know as much about the character. What’s interesting about this one, I think Kumail [Nanjiani] and I were the two early ones on, but they told us that the goal of it would be a bit of a love letter to humanity,” Jolie said. “That it would be the most diverse group of superheroes, you’ve ever seen. Not because it’s checking a box, because it’s the only way the story can be told to accurately represent the world we live in, and that just felt so right that I wanted to be a part of that family.”