The rare mother of 6 children appeared with a Sєxy image when taking an advertising pH๏τo for the French perfume brand.

Angelina Jolie poses on the balcony of a building in Paris, France.

Charming actress with two-piece silk dress, earrings and diamond ring.

According to ET , Angelina Jolie is taking pictures and recording ads for perfume brand Guerlain.

Different from the usual simple mother image or thorny look on the set  while filming in New Mexico, Jolie in Paris transforms with tenderness, youth and sensuality.

When she was young, Jolie used to take ɴuᴅᴇ pH๏τos or show off her bold skin many times, but she changed her style after having children.

For more than 10 years, Hollywood stars have not accepted advertising for any brand. She only signed a single advertising contract with the French perfume company Guerlain since 2017. The millions of dollars from the contract with this perfume company were all contributed by Angelina to her charity.

After the pH๏τo shoot, Angelina met her godmother, British actress Jacqueline Bisset (right).

The actress was warmly welcomed by French fans outside the H๏τel.