When Megan Fox Wanted To ‘Devour’ Robert Pattinson To Steal His ‘S*xy A** Hair’: “I Would Eat Him So That I Could Steal Some Of That Pretty”

Megan Fox is the ultimate fantasy of any man or woman. She is like a goddess who makes people go weak on their knees with just one glance. The actress is known for her weird quotes in the media, be it calling her director, Michael Bay, a dictator or saying that she and Zac Efron … Read more

All Upcoming Megan Fox Movies You Need To Know

From gaslighting a huge villainous robotic organism to becoming a vengeful succubus to leading a team of mercenaries, Megan Fox’s filmography makes her a popular face for varied cinephiles. In a comparably short span, after making her debut in 2001 and having a breakthrough as late as 2007 with her performance in Michael Bay’s ‘Transformers,’ … Read more

If you’ve ever wanted Megan Fox to literally kick your skeleton out of your body, then boy does Mortal Kombat 1 have a fighter for you

Megan Fox is now the official celebrity of videogames where demonic monsters pull people’s guts out. She made her bid for the position with a bizarre Diablo 4 marketing campaign that involved her eulogising player’s deaths. Now, she’s stepping things up by providing her voice and likeness to Outworld vampire Nitara in Mortal Kombat 1. … Read more

[PHOTO] Alexa Bliss shares first look at baby

Little Miss Bliss is going to have a baby this December. The former WWE Women’s Champion has been out of action for a while now and regularly updates her fans about her pregnancy. Alexa Bliss has now shared an ultrasound photo of her baby, Hendrix Rouge Cabrera. Check out the same in her Instagram story, as well … Read more