Backstage reaction to Charlotte Flair suffering an injury on WWE SmackDown – Reports

Charlotte Flair sustained an injury during her match against Asuka on WWE SmackDown this week. A new report has emerged with some minor details on what happened and how people reacted backstage.

During the show, several fans took to social media to share photos and clips of The Queen being attended to by referee Charles Robinson and medical personnel. She yelled “my knee” and was helped out of the ring, as she couldn’t walk out on her own.

According to PWInsider, Charlotte Flair sustained the injury during the commercial break. The report mentions that she was preparing to perform a move but slipped and got caught on the ropes, hurting her knee and her head. The botch wasn’t shown on the air after the break, but it was announced on commentary that Asuka had taken out the 14-time women’s champion.

PWInsider was informed that she was being evaluated by WWE medical, but they haven’t heard anything additional yet. The site adds that there were some concerns among others talents about Flair’s knee specifically.

Bianca Belair is interested in having a match against Charlotte Flair

The EST of WWE has defeated every member of The Four Horsewomen in a major singles match, except Charlotte Flair. The two stars are currently on the same team, as they’re both feuding with Damage CTRL.

During a recent appearance on Casual Conversations with The Classic, Bianca Belair stated that she wants to have a match against The Queen.

“There hasn’t been that one big match yet, and we’re all waiting for it… It was a nonfinish. So we’ve never actually had a legit feud and singles match for me. That’s at the top of my list. Of course, right now, it’s IYO SKY, getting my title from IYO SKY. Hands down, she’s a champion right now. I’m going for her,” Belair said.

Charlotte vs. Bianca Belair is a match that many fans would love to see, and it’s a WrestleMania main event caliber match.

We at Sportskeeda Wrestling wish Charlotte Flair a swift recovery.

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