A WWE fan’s actions has left Bayley annoyed, and she has now demanded personal security guards for the same.

During the WWE Holiday Tour, the star was involved in an altercation with a fan where the fan had a sign saying that she was “hot” held up near the edge of the barriers. The young fan was simply supporting the Damage CTRL member, but being a heel, she was not having any of it, and decided to make an example out of him. She approached him, grabbed the sign, and tore it apart.

But before that, she paraded it to the ring as well, taking full advantage of the situation. The fan later held up the torn-up sign, looking sad.

Now, the youngster has shown resilience and has posted another picture on Twitter where he was holding a new sign that now claimed that the Damage CTRL member was “still hot.”

“She tore my sign and broke my heart last night at #WWEAllentown, but @itsBayleyWWE is all I want for Xmas this year. Despite how hurtful she was to me, Bayley is STILL hot! #BayleyIsHot #WWE.”

Seeing the picture, the former champion has retweeted it, now demanding that she be assigned personal security to deal with the “lil flirt”. She then asked how old the fan even was, saying that he looked like he was only five years old.

The fan is going to support the former Hugger whether she likes it or not, and while she’s a heel, she will just have to put up with it for the time being.

Bayley would not be the first WWE Superstar with personal security

The star may have asked for personal security but she’s not the first WWE star to do that. Several stars in the past have had their own “personal security guards”. Chris Jericho comes to mind with Jericho Personal Security, as does Seth Rollins with J&J Security.

It remains to be seen if the star is assigned personal security of her own. Given her apparent issues with Damage CTRL as pertains to the leadership of the group, she may need support sooner, rather than later.