Melissa Rauch, who gained fame as Bernadette in the popular American comedy series “The Big Bang Theory,” revealed that she had undergone breast reduction surgery. Earlier in her career, it was rumoured that she had breast implants. Rauch, who is just 4 feet and 11 inches tall and weighs 132 pounds, has stated that she has no regrets about getting the breast job and does not shy away from discussing it in front of other people.

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In this article, we will describe the brief history of breast reduction and rumoured breast implants of Mellisa Rauch.

Mellisa Rauch has shown her acting charisma in other shows like The Bronze, The Ode to Joy and ‘Batman and Harley Quinn‘.

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The Big Bang Theory Star Mellisa Rauch Before Breast Reduction Procedure

The star of Bronze and The Big Bang Theory didn’t feel comfortable with her large breasts, and it was difficult for her to perform her job because of them. After realising the major problems of carrying big tits, she decided to get a boobs job. Fans found the blonde star’s appearance enchanting before she underwent this procedure. Fans of The Big Bang Theory praised her figure, specifically her large breasts, when she appeared on the show.

Actress Melissa Rauch Before Breast reduction is photographed for USA Today on November 14, 2011, Mellisa Rauch., in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Dan MacMedan/Contour by Getty Images)

After Breast Reduction Procedure

The picture below shows that the comedian, who will be 42 years old in March 2023, has undoubtedly undergone a significant decrease in the size of her breasts.

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Why did she have to reduce the size of the breasts?

The well-known actress has not been coy about having undergone breast reduction surgery, saying as much more than once. The actress from “Odd to Joy” claims that she decided to undergo the procedure because her breasts were already huge naturally and posed a problem for her when she was working on set.

It was the exact opposite of Winston Beigel’s wife’s, as many actresses desired larger breasts to gain enough glam and confidence. Because of her huge breasts, which were out of proportion with the rest of her petite frame, she was having trouble breaking into the acting world.

As a result, she had no choice but to undergo the procedure and make the enhancements to her body, all of which have turned out quite favourably.

Rumours Relating Breast Implants

When Melissa Rauch, whose full name is Melissa Ivy Rauch, made her debut on the television show, she had huge breasts, which didn’t seem appropriate given her short stature at the time.

Therefore, it is not surprising that individuals hypothesized that the celebrity had breast implants to achieve the level of success she desired in the business.

Since Rauch was born with naturally large breasts, the rumours that she had breast augmentation were utterly false. She went as far as addressing the allegations and proving that they were all wrong. She insisted that the amounts were excessive because of their inherent nature. But intended to have them lowered in the future. And now that she is at her ideal weight and body composition. She is winning the affection of thousands of people thanks to her stunning beauty.

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What Kind of Thoughts Does Melissa Have Regarding Her Operation?

Have you ever wondered what the woman already a parent thinks about her choice to undergo surgery? If that is the case, she has expressed how pleased she is with the outcome, and she and her co-star in the Big Bang Theory series, Kaley Cuoco, have both stated that changing their breast size was the best decision they have ever made in their lives.