Bella Thorne Described The “Terrible” Experience That Made Her Stop Kissing Fans

Bella Thorne says she’s done kissing fans after an unpleasant encounter with one a while back. She recalled the moment in a recently resurfaced interview on the Going Mental podcast from February 2022.

“I used to kiss fans,” she said, “especially as a lot of fans would ask me to kiss them for a pH๏τo — mostly on the cheeks, sometimes on the lips.” “Sometimes when it’s a really cute gay girl, and they’re like, ‘ҒUCҜing came out because of you bro, can you please kiss me?’ I’m like, ‘How am I gonna say no to that?’” Bella shared. “I’m like ‘Yes, I’m gonna ҒUCҜing kiss you, it’s fine.’”

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