Bella Throne put her impressive curves on display in a number of fun outfits she shared in a pH๏τo dump to social media on Wednesday. The 25-year-old actress admitted in her caption she was trying to look good for an ex: ‘POV: you’re going to stunt on your ex, which fit do you wear? [smiling purple devil face emoji]. To ‘stunt’ means to show off.

It’s unclear if Bella’s referring to her recent ex Benjamin Mascolo. The duo broke up back in June after three years together and after being engaged for over a year. She was seen in a knitted, multicolored crop top that that just barely covered her chest. She added a green skirt to the ensemble with a decorative belt lashed around her waist. Her hair was braided into bright auburn pigtails. Her next outfit showed off a gray shirt with a cartoon design in the center that read ‘Fiorucci’ under a pair of angels.

The Shake It Up star wore her silky hair straight down the sides of her face, parted in the middle.

Throne donned a more elegant outfit in her third snap which saw her in a gorgeous red dress under a black leather jacket.She walked in white high heels which matched the flower behind her ear, and her cherry red lipstick matched her dress.As elegant as her third snap looked, her fourth was much more casual. She took a mirror selfie in a black hoodie with a skeleton design on the front.Thorne then showed off her beach body in a gold ʙικιɴι. She leaned forward, revealing more of her chest.

She threw on a pink headband which covered the top of her head and her forehead.The Blended actress put the focus on her footwear in another pH๏τo showing off her knee-length black leather boots.She added a white long sleeve shirt and simple blue jeans as she sat on her bed and leaned back.Bella flaunted her toned tummy in a tiny yellow top and a dark green skirt with lighter green cowgirl boots. She accessorized with a small, metallic green shoulder bag.Her next ensemble had less color. She donned a black crop top, leather pants and a baggy black blazer.A bright blue handbag balanced atop her silky auburn locks.

Her next snap, a selfie in a red top that clung to her bust, was complimented by her bright red lipstick and a couple gold accessories.She left her face out of her final pH๏τo instead focusing on a spaghetti strap white top and gray jeans. A gray cross hung in her cleavage.