It’s exciting to capture amazing photos while traveling, isn’t it? Those memorable pictures usually accompany perfect hair. Straightener is your ultimate travel companion if you want to pose like a celebrity while flaunting your sleek and shiny hair. Our best dual voltage hair straighteners can be used for those in a hurry who want perfect hair all the time.

We have gathered the top dual voltage hair straighteners for you because nobody wants to go out with frizzy hair. When traveling or out of town, these high voltage straighteners are ideal. Due to its dual voltage, You can easily connect it to any plug adapter, and you can take it anywhere during your vacation.

Moreover, these traveling hair straighteners will easily fit your bag space and remain safe. Two voltage options are available in these straighteners to ensure a secure output. Now, take a look at these eight incredible dual voltage straighteners and decide which one is right for you. However, before you buy your best dual voltage hair straightener, make sure you read our buying guide so you can buy the best one without any hassle.


Whether planning a long trip or an international tour, you need to keep your skin and hair in good condition. You need the right straightener for well-groomed hair. It is essential to have a basic understanding of best dual voltage hair straighteners before you purchase one.

 A wrong choice can undermine all your efforts. This is why we designed a buyer’s guide to remind you of these essential factors before choosing the right dula voltage hair straightener. By following our buying tips, you can easily select the right one to keep your hair manageable throughout your trip.


Usually, when you travel to another country, you will face voltage issues and resolve them. That is why dual voltage hair straighteners are famous because they come in two voltage options: 100-120V and 220-240V.

Different converters and adaptors manage the voltages and provide the correct voltage for your straightener. A converter will convert high voltage to low voltage and low voltage to high voltage, depending on the device.

 On the other hand, adaptors can work and insert in different sockets. If you connect a straightener to a high voltage, it may cause a flame. So to avoid such issues, we preferred dual voltage hair straighteners.


In our opinion, the best traveling hair straightener comes with an excellent build quality that won’t damage easily with little pressure. It’s possible to carry some flat irons in your luggage because they are compact and highly portable to fit in your suitcase. You must keep this point in your mind before selecting any hair straightener.


A product’s design and features make it more attractive and increase its price. Innovation is what attracts users to a product. The straightener must have a decent uniqueness to make your hair smooth and stylish. The method of the plates must be wide so they can easily handle your short and long hair.


Your straightener stands out from the competition because it is durable and has optional features. Their power makes your hair in a shorter time, and they also have safety features to protect your hands from heat.


Listed below are the 8 best dual voltage hair straighteners.



  • Brand: CHI 
  • Color: Black
  •  Hair Style: All, Curly 
  •  Maximum temperature: 392°F 
  •  Weight: 13.6 ounces 
  • Warranty: 2 Years

Editor's pick


CHI Original Ceramic is one of the best flat iron hair straighteners with an excellent heating display. Compared to other traditional hair straighteners, it will provide the right amount of heat without damaging your hair. 

It’s a versatile straightener with a black theme and a very decent design. They have advanced ceramic technology to make your hairs straight and shiny instantly.

It is a small-size hair straightener and has 4.2 lengths with a weight of 13.6 ounces. Thanks to its compact size, you can bring it anywhere you go. It has Ceramic Floating Plates, which are perfect for short hairs. 

You can dye your hair and curl it without damaging a single hair if you do it properly. You can adjust the temperature at low, medium, and high according to your preference. It can reach up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit in just 30 seconds. It is a dual voltage hair straightener used by professionals.

It has gained a very positive response from users and is in demand. It is available at a reasonable price of 48$ and is considered a budget-friendly hair straightener.



  • Brand: BaBylissPRO 
  •  Color: Blue 
  •  Hair Style: All 
  • Maximum temperature: 440°F
  •  Weight: 4.8 ounces 
  • Warranty: Limited 1-2 Month

Editor's pick


Another mini-size hair straightener is BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron. This hair straightener is made from titanium, making it a high-quality product. The straightener is compact, and you can use it while traveling. It comes in blue color and has a very fantastic look. 

Make your hair shiny and silky by using this hair iron. The length of the iron plates is 1 inch and is best for short hairs. It does not have a beveled edge design for curling hairs, but it works fine and curls your hairs without a beveled edge.

 Because of its compact size, it is lightweight, 4.8 ounces, and easily adjusts in a small space. It has a rapid response and heats up fastly without consuming much time. It has a gap between the iron plates, making it less appealing for thin hairs.

It reaches a maximum temperature of 440 degrees Fahrenheit, and you can adjust the temperature according to your preference. Thanks to the nano-titanium and ceramic plates, the straightener will keep working without any issues for a long time. 

Iron plates work well and make your hair smooth. It also has a dual voltage feature and is considered the best low-profile dual voltage hair straightener. It can be plugged into your car switch, so it is very lightweight and convenient for a traveler. It costs 37$ to purchase this straightener.



  • Brand: CHI 
  • Color: Black/Red 
  • Hair Style: All
  • Maximum temperature: 395°F
  •  Weight: 1.75 lbs
  •  Warranty: 2-Years

Editor's pick


CH Volcanic Lava is one of the most well-known flat irons on the market. They have a tremendous power that can be derived from the lava rock. When you style your hair, the straightener plates can be more efficient so that you get excellent, consistent heat. The hair straightener can be used for all hairstyles, including curling, and it makes your hair shiny and smooth.

It has fantastic features and durability from the previous one and can be more potent than the CHI Original Ceramic hair straightener. Your hair will remain straight for a long time. With the CHI Volcanic Lava, you will get good results immediately, reducing the risk of damaging the hair. 

The CHI Volcanic Lava straightens your hair at a low and average temperature. These hair straighteners also have dual voltage capability to make them the best traveling hair straighteners. 

This volcanic iron measures 1 inch in length. It reaches 395 degrees Fahrenheit at its maximum temperature. The hair straightener is extremely powerful and receives a positive response from its users with a rating of 5.0 on Amazon. This means that the seller’s warehouse will be empty in no time because of this product’s unique features. 



  • Brand: HSI Professional 
  •  Color: Black/Red Hair Style: All 
  •  Maximum temperature: 450°F
  •  Weight: 1.45 pounds
  •  Warranty: Limited 1-Year

Editor's pick


HSI Professional Glider Flat Iron is another dual voltage hair straightener. It works on the 110-220V and is considered the best hair straightener for road trips. One of the significant advantages of this flat iron is that it has a temperature control setting to adjust according to your preference. HSI Professional is superior to CHI irons because it works well on all hair types, including thin hair.

This flat iron is notable because it can be used to make all types of styles and make your hair wavy. Customers have used the straighteners for many years, and they are happy with them. No heat damage has been reported from the high power. The maximum temperature is 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and you can easily adjust it. 

They straighten your hair very quickly, so you do not need to straighten it again and again. These straighteners make you feel like a pro after you use them. They are built with high-quality ceramic plates that have microsensors that prevent any kind of hair damage.

 It heat-ups quickly and gives excellent results by its performance. You can buy this hair straightener only for 45$. Despite having a 1-Year warranty, you can use it for more than one year without any problems.



  • Brand: Remington
  •  Color: Gold
  •  Hair Style: All 
  •  Maximum temperature: 450°F
  •  Weight: 8 ounces 
  •  Warranty: Limited 5-Year

Editor's pick


Remington S8A900 comes with color-core technology and many more advanced features that help it stand out from other hair straighteners on the market. Remington is a well-known brand and manufactures many straighteners in the industry. A Remington S8A900 has floating ceramic plates, which provide smooth, straight hairs with a shine.

It can give your hair an instant salon look and is one of the best flat irons.

In addition to having temperature control sensors, they can easily make a variety of stylish hairs. Using flat iron plates, you can automatically detect your hair type and adjust the temperature accordingly.

The keratin oil fills the plates, the filter provides protection, and the micro conditioners give your hair a shiny appearance and prevent it from getting damaged. The intelligent sensors detect and control the overheating. It also has a temperature display that shows the temperature of the straightener. 

By reaching up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, it is more efficient to provide a positive response and quick action service. Different kinds of hair can be made at home, The best dual voltage hair straightener suitable for traveling. The auto shut-off feature is also available in it that can enable in 60 minutes and add value to it. The lightweight straightener offers low prices, and you can easily carry it in a bag.



  • Brand: CROC
  •  Color: Black 
  • Hair Style: All 
  •  Maximum temperature: 430°F 
  •  Weight: 0.5 Pound 
  •  Warranty: Limited 2-Year

Editor's pick


Black Croc Baby Flat Iron is available in different color themes. The black color is aesthetically pleasing. It has a round shape with floating plates, which is excellent for short hair and curls, flips, straightening, and touch-ups. It also has dual voltage capability and smooth performance under 100-220V voltages. This is an excellent straightener to bring on vacation.

It is built with high-quality material and has a Ceramic heating surface. The ceramic coating plates efficiently emit negative ions and give a shiny look to the hairs. It is small in size and has very lightweight. It comes with a heat-free carrying case that makes it easy to take anywhere. The straightener can reach 430 degrees Fahrenheit, which is excellent. 

CROC Baby is one of the fastest heating flat iron in the market. It has great looks with an excellent working capability and an expected price range. The flat iron is perfect for traveling and much faster than you expected.



  • Brand: CONAIR 
  •  Color: Gold 
  •  Hair Style: All, Wavy 
  •  Maximum temperature: 455°F 
  •  Weight: 1 Pound 
  • Warranty: Limited 5-Year

    Editor's pick


    If you’re looking for a dual voltage hair straightener that produces professional results, straightens hair effectively, and is also affordable, then look no further. CONAIR’s INFINITI PRO BY CONAIR Rose Gold comes in one of the best dual voltage hair straighteners on the market. It has dual voltage compatibility, making it ideal for traveling. Your hair looks shiny and new after they work on it.

    Its heating capacity is also higher than the other best dual voltage hair straighteners on the market. The maximum temperature is 455 degrees Fahrenheit. The smoothing iron has 30 heating settings and other features that can reduce the damage to your hair as you straighten it. With the extra-long ceramic floating plates, you can quickly straighten your hair which helps boost your confidence even more.

    With this hair straightener, you can style your hair straight or flip because it heats up in 15 seconds and is integrated with advanced technology that ensures a high temperature for a long-lasting. It has an auto-off option.

     It would be best to try this straightener since it makes your vacation holidays enjoyable by providing smooth, silky hair. Compared with other straighteners, it costs only 31$, which is relatively inexpensive.



    • Brand: Remington 
    •  Color: white 
    •  Hair Style: Straight 
    •  Maximum temperature: 450°F 
    •  Weight: 1 Pound 
    • Warranty: Limited 5-Year

      Editor's pick


      It is the second Remington hair straightener, Remington 8510 Anti Frizz  Therapy. If you have frizzy hair, this is the product for you as it is highly recommended by all users who use it and witness its quality and performance. It has received 4.7 rating stars out of 5 and a positive response from its customers. 

      The Remington straighteners can all perform at their best, and all the other models have exceptional performance. It comes in a white color theme and has a digital display to show the straightener’s temperature.

      The maximum temperature it can reach is 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The Ceramic floating plates can heat up in just 30 seconds, and the plates integrated with micro conditioner anti-frizz therapy ensure the shiny look of your hairs. They also have a temperature control system to adjust the temperature quickly.

      You can easily manage your hair with this straightener because it is easy to use and has excellent efficiency. It is considered the best flat iron and provides a smooth, shiny look to your hairs by the micro conditions applied to your hairs.

      But you can prefer it only for straightening your hair, not for styling and curling. The best dual voltage hair straightener UK comes with a limited 5-year warranty if you notice any fault, you can easily replace it.


      We hope now you are satisfied with our thorough guide, you will be able to make a sound decision when choosing the best dual voltage hair straighteners for you. Within our comprehensive guide, you will find all the necessary information and best reviews to help you make an informed decision.

      Straighteners with dual voltages can be used for many purposes. They provide low and high voltages and prevent the straighteners from igniting. These straighteners are highly effective at making your hair shiny and sleek.

      With advanced heating technology, the maximum temperature they can reach is 455 degrees Fahrenheit. The majority offer excellent features like those found in other high-end straighteners at a budget-friendly price. Explore your ideal straightener’s temperature by visiting our blog.


      What are the best dual voltage hair straighteners?

      In our opinion, CHI – Volcanic Lava Ceramic Flat Iron is one of the best dual voltage hair straighteners and is suitable for travel. It has a dual voltage capability, enabling it to produce output at a low voltage. On the other hand, INFINITI PRO BY CONAIR Rose Gold Ceramic Flat Iron offers to outclass features.

      Is BaByliss the best dual voltage hair straightener?

      Yes, the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium mini is the best dual voltage hair straightener It has ceramic and titanium plates and provides 440 degrees Fahrenheit temperature.