Candice Swanepoel followed up her spectacular showing at the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion show with a gorgeous appearance on the television show “Fox & Friends” at which she disclosed one of her secrets to getting in shape for the prestigious fashion show that many women might find surprising.

For several weeks prior to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show there were many reports about the steps the models were taking to get into shape but its unlikely that many followed the strategy of Candice Swanepoel which was to ‘eat more’ to stay slim.

The beautiful model from South Africa wore a sleeveless, shimmery gold mini dress onto the television show which showed off her gorgeous legs, toned arms and slim torso with a pair of leather high heeled booties and very minimal make up.

In the interview she disclosed that unlike many of the other models she did not diet but actually had to increase the amount of food she ate because of her exercise routine. The elite model disclosed that similar to top athletes she has to eat more to work out more.

Her preparation for the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show involved boxing, Pilates on machines, a large number of lunges and running on the beach and the results were spectacular as illustrated by the picture of her walking at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and her appearance in the gold mini-dress on “Fox & Friends.”

An interesting ‘nugget of information’ from her interview was that this superstar model was nervous about the thought of having to walk in her lingerie, half naked, in front of millions of people watching her on television even though she has walked in the show several times.

To be an actress and model one must be able to hide their fears and look confident. At the London Victoria’s Secret Fashion show she may have felt nervous but she certainly did not show it on the outside which suggests that Candice Swanepoel might have a future in acting if she ever decides to pursue this career.