Adam Brody played a negative role in Jennifer’s Body movie directed by Karyn Kusama and starring two women Magan Fox and Amanda Seyfried and was written by Oscar screenwriter winner of that year Diablo Cody, who won the award for Juno.

Actor Adam Brody recently defended Jennifer’s Body, the 2009 horror comedy starring his wife Megan Fox, against the ongoing backlash. Brody argues the film was misunderstood and critiqued unfairly at the time of its release.

Adam Brody Defends Megan Fox
According to Brody, promotional materials like billboards of  Megan Fox in revealing outfits misrepresented the film’s intent and led to swift judgment. Due to this his co-star Megan Fox received a lot of backlash from the media.

The pretentious lead singer of an indie band, played by Adam Brody, who is best known for playing nerdy heartthrob Seth in The OC, was ideally cast as Jennifer, who ends up becoming “a body,” in the film. Brody talked about the audience’s initial response to the film in a recent interview. It felt shady to have such negative reviews and, in a sense, to be used as a punching bag. Although I didn’t bear the brunt of it because it wasn’t my movie, it still felt a little unfair.

Marketing Overly Sexualized Megan Fox
Brody insists Jennifer’s Body was clever and self-aware rather than just mindless exploitation.“The film was a marketing person’s dream, and then to see them do that…”

The marketing “couldn’t have been further off target.” Everything about Jennifer’s Body that Brody adored—like its neon Gothic graphics, for instance—was sacrificed in favor of a male dream. “The movie was a marketer’s fantasy, and to see them do that…” Brody is referring to the ad that features Megan Fox sitting at a desk in a little plaid skirt and stiletto shoes. “Part Maxim, part Goosebumps. She doesn’t even wear it in the movie.

“I thought the marketing was doing it a disservice,” Brody said. He believes the focus on Fox’s s*x appeal created biased perceptions that set people against the movie.

Smart Horror-Comedy Film
Brody says viewers wrote it off quickly due to being misled by ads playing up Fox’s beauty over the film’s substance.“It had a cool feminist twist on the horror genre while still being funny,” Brody explained.

Adam Brody echoed Megan Fox in arguing that deserves renewed ᴀssessment as an ahead-of-its-Jennifer’s Body time horror comedy. He believes the film suffered from unjust marketing that sold Fox’s looks over the movie’s sharp commentary. Brody contends viewers should give the sly genre-bender another look on its own merits.

Megan Fox was a huge victim of the media throughout the 2000s, which was a poisonous time for many young women celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears. Some of them have taken a while to make a comeback and recuperate, but happily, the tide is slowly shifting.