Did Cristiano Ronaldo really acknowledge Roman Reigns? Reflecting on the incident

The news of Cristiano Ronaldo potentially making an appearance at WWE Crown Jewel 2023 has taken the internet by storm. Since the news went viral, many fans on social media have been pointing out moments where Ronaldo and WWE have been referenced together.

While there are quite a few such instances where the worlds of Ronaldo and WWE have met, a significant moment was when a Bloodline member mentioned Cristiano Ronaldo in his tweet. On Twitter, Paul Heyman once shared an image of Ronaldo and Roman Reigns in a similar pose and wrote:

“#BreakingNews @Cristiano Acknowledges YOUR #TribalChief @WWERomanReigns”

Since Heyman shared this image, many have wondered if Ronaldo really acknowledged The Tribal Chief. The answer to this would be no. While the poses do seem similar, Ronaldo’s pose is a common way of celebrating the goals he scores. However, full marks to Paul Heyman for using the image creatively.

Given that Heyman mentioned Ronaldo in his tweet, it will be interesting to see if the Portuguese star is involved in a segment with Reigns, if he makes an appearance at Crown Jewel. If something like this happens, it will generate a huge pop for WWE.

Paul Heyman has mentioned Cristiano Ronaldo in another tweet as well

In soccer, Cristiano Ronaldo is certainly one of the biggest names around. From Manchester United to Real Madrid, the Portuguese star has played for several massive clubs, and has won many accolades in his illustrious career. Naturally, Ronaldo has many admirers due to this reason.

Paul Heyman seems to be one such admirer of the Portuguese star. While he tweeted about Reigns and Ronaldo in 2022, even before that, in 2017, Heyman mentioned Ronaldo in another tweet. In his post back then, The Wiseman congratulated the soccer superstar and compared him to Brock Lesnar. He wrote:

“Congratulations to @Cristiano, who is almost as dominant in his sport as @BrockLesnar is in his!”

Check out Paul Heyman congratulating Cristiano Ronaldo in the tweet below:

Given that Heyman has mentioned Ronaldo in his tweets on multiple occasions, one can only wonder that if WWE manages to land the Al-Nassr player, the promotion would look to have a segment between Roman Reigns and Cristiano Ronaldo. It would also help the promotion in drawing a lot of attention in the Middle East and the world over.

Also considering Ronaldo and Reigns are at the top of their respective fields, it will be good to watch them share the stage. After all, the former is known to have met several other legends from different fields.

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