Disturbed’s David Draiman wants to work with Taylor Swift

Disturbed frontman David Draiman has sung the praises of Taylor Swift, even to the point that he would be up for collaborating with her.

Draiman got onto talking about Swift’s music in a new radio interview with Philadelphia’s WMRR station, in which he heaped praise on her songwriting.

“I think she is insanely talented. I’d love to collaborate with Taylor if she ever wanted to, on any given day,” he said, before going on to call her “one of the greatest songwriters of our time” [via FarOut].

“I love her gumption,” he continued. “I love the fact that she gets on stage in front of tens of thousands of screaming young female fans and plays a real instrument and sings live, and is the real deal.”

Draiman then went on to shout out numerous other high-profile female pop stars. “: “There are a number of people within the pop genre that still do it the way that she does it — Pink is one of them; Lady Gaga is one of them. A lot of these people are just so gifted and so great at what they do, and she’s certainly way, way, way up there”.

Disturbed’s David Draiman. Credit: Xavi Torrent/Redferns
In other Disturbed news, the band found themselves drenched towards the end of their recent concerts in Houston, Texas, after accidentally setting off the sprinkler system at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion.

“Our #TakeBackYourLifeTour was too hot to handle in Houston. Let’s hear it for the sprinkler system,” the band later quipped in a social media post.

Draiman also recently called out Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters on stage in Tel Aviv over accusations of anti-Semitism, which Waters has denied.

Draiman, who is Jewish and a staunch supporter of the Israeli state, performed the nation’s anthem ‘Hatikva’ along with an emphatic singalong by fans in attendance as a graphic of the Israeli flag flashed onscreen.

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