“Do you want me to lie?” – Lacey Evans comments on whether or not she misses WWE

Former WWE Superstar Lacey Evans has commented on whether she misses being a part of the company after her departure.

The 33-year-old star portrayed the Sassy Southern Belle gimmick after she arrived on the main roster in 2019, and her first feud was with Becky Lynch. She was repackaged several times after that and adopted a character based on her military experience towards the end of her run with the Stamford-based company. She left in August this year after her contract expired.

During a recent appearance on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Lacey Evans was asked if there’s any part of her that misses the world of pro wrestling. She responded by stating:

“Do you want me to lie? No, there’s not. You know, some people, they wake up and they put on six-inch stilettos and 10 pounds of makeup and their extensions and they go walk the red carpet and they feel amazing. I’m not those people. And it was very difficult for me, right? To kind of put on that front. And because WWE does a lot of good stuff for a lot of people, but I just felt like more could be done for my why, right?” she said.

She added:

“So for my passions and mental health and addiction, and life struggles and PTSD and all the sh*t that people have to deal with every day. It’s like, why the f*ck am I on a red carpet right now? Like I’m looking out in the crowd and I see people that are f**king hurting and they’re taking photos of my shoes. I’m not gonna lie I miss some of the people, right? Because it is a struggle, and we do kind of become a family at some point. But I don’t I want to I want to help I want to do more. I want to fight different battles that aren’t in the ring.”

When was Lacey Evans‘ last match in WWE?

Lacey Evans made her in-ring main roster debut at the 2019 Royal Rumble event, where she competed in the 30-women match. She entered at number one but didn’t win the bout, as she was eliminated by Charlotte Flair.

Lacey Evans competed in her last match in WWE on the July 7 episode of SmackDown, where she lost to Zelina Vega in a dark match. Her last televised match took place on the blue brand the previous month, which saw her lose to Charlotte Flair in under three minutes. She ended her career without winning a single title in WWE.

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