Does Mya Lesnar have a twin? Find out how many more kids Brock Lesnar has

Recently, Brock Lesnar’s daughter, Mya Lesnar, made the headlines for all the right reasons. A strong athlete like her father, Mya was in the news for her 18.50m shot put attempt, which led to her breaking the school record in women’s shot put and leading the nation.

This also led to her being named the Student-Athlete of the Week at Colorado State University. Naturally, it’s clear that Mya Lesnar is her father’s daughter, and is doing a great job of carrying her father’s legacy forward. However, she is not the only Lesnar who can do the same.

Mya also has a twin brother by the name of Luke Lesnar. A three-time Minnesota State Wrestling Champion, Luke also seems to be a phenomenal athlete. Before joining WWE, Brock Lesnar had also competed in wrestling for the University of Minnesota, and won the NCAA Division 1 National Championship in 2000.


Based on the limited information about the twins, it’s clear that Mya Lesnar and Luke Lesnar have the requisite athletic ability to take up wrestling, and potentially compete in WWE someday. However, whether the duo do the same is something that has to be seen.

Mya Lesnar could compete in the 2024 Olympics

When Brock Lesnar became NCAA Divison 1 Wrestling Champion, many believed he would go on to represent the USA in the Olympics. But, when Lesnar decided to sign with WWE, it was clear he had other ambitions in mind. However, that does not mean the world can’t witness a Lesnar competing at the Olympics.

As per former NFL Player and popular talk show host Pat McAfee, Lesnar’s daughter, Mya Lesnar could be on her way to representing the United States of America in the Olympics. During a recent episode of The Pat MacAfee Show, the host mentioned Mya is ready to compete for the USA when her time comes. He said:

“Sources have told me that Mya Lesnar is now 224 lbs of all muscle, ready to throw a rock for the United States of America when her time comes, and beat the hell out of everybody else.”

Whether Mya competes in the Olympics or not, it definitely looks like she has a great athletic future. Now that there is so much hype around her, many people will be keen to follow developments surrounding the Colorado State University athlete. It will also be interesting to see if she joins WWE someday down the line.

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