POP star Dua Lipa gives a shorts sharp shock in a pair of H๏τpants.

The saucy image was one of a series of snaps she posted online with the caption “sun bum”.

Dua Lipa posted a series of Sєxy snaps on InstagramCredit: Instagram

She added the caption ‘sun bum’ to the picsCredit: Instagram

It comes after she gave an interview to French Vogue magazine in which she said she did not always want to be the centre of attention.

She told the mag: “In the beginning, I wanted to believe that I had to be the same person at home and on stage.

“Now, I’ve learned to keep certain aspects of myself for my inner circle.

“There’s the Dua who is chill at home, then in the media, there’s this exaggerated version of myself who gives it her all on stage.”

Dua, 28, is currently at No1 in the chart with Dance the Night.

It is from the soundtrack to the Barbie movie, in which Dua also appears as a mermaid-inspired doll.

Talking about getting into acting last year, she said: “For me it’s like baby steps.

“That’s also just the best way to discover yourself as well.

“Rather than throwing yourself in the deep end with something that maybe you can’t completely tackle head on.

“I think my biggest fear would be taking on a really big role and being, like, ‘F***! — now I have to be an actor and feel these emotions and feelings on camera,’ when I haven’t brought myself up to that point yet.”