According to fashion label the Black Tape Project, sticking tape on your body now consтιтutes actual swimwear.

The you-might-as-well-be-naked duct tape ʙικιɴι graced the runway at a Miami Swim Week show last week. The pieces spanned metallic stick-on designs to a simple black tape number (if you can call it that?), made entirely from what you’d usually use to safely bind exposed wires.

How did this project come about, you ask?

The designer, dubbed a ‘body tape art pioneer’ by some, began the project back in ’08, after a model had asked to be wrapped in black electrical tape. Since then, he’s built a duct tape empire, stocking an online store with one and two-inch wide tapes.

For the braver beach babe, peep the brand’s site to shop it’s gold and platinum styles. For around $50USD, you too can sport strategically placed stickers.

Otherwise, just head to your local Bunnings. They’ll hook you up.

Swipe across to check out the Black Tape Project at Miami Swim Week.