Out of the many celebrities who have been giving a sH๏τ at see-through dresses, there are quite a few who stand out. From Julia Fox and Megan Fox to Florence Pugh, various actresses have adorned some of the most unique styles of see-through dresses whether on the red carpet or otherwise. So an actress who is known for her unique sense of fashion; Amber Heard supporter Julia Fox, can certainly make a statement with her looks.

The actress has been dragged into a fair share of controversies as well as peculiar comments, but her latest take at a dress has certainly turned a great number of heads. Her unique take on fashion has often been pointed out. From bleaching her eyebrows to some clothes that she wears. Her latest outfit is one that puts every other see-through dress to shame.

Julia Fox Outdoes Megan Fox’s Astonishing Wardrobe
Julia Fox was recently seen wearing a body chain dress that was perhaps too little to be considered a dress. From Charlize Theron to Megan Fox and even Florence Pugh; there are many actresses who have worn sheer or see-through dresses. Julia Fox wore a silver body chain while attending the Naomi Campbell x Pretty Little Thing runway show. Her entire outfit was simply chains supporting fragile structures hiding bits of her body.

She has never once shied away from wearing some of the most daunting looks and this one was finished off with a black coat and a bag designed with belt buckles. To match her dress more, she wore black lipstick, adding depth to an otherwise barren look. Most of the outfit was basically just metal making sure none of her intimate bits were showing. Out of the various outfits she has worn, this one was certainly one of the most unique and eye-catching. Naked fashion is fairly new and not many may be used to it. From simple sheer dresses to something as outgoing as that of Fox’s attire, it is a range that many are yet to discover.

The Rise of Naked Fashion
One of the most striking instances of naked fashion was seen during the 2022 Met Gala. From Bella Hadid to Kendall Jenner and even Hailey Bieber, the trend has made its way to a great number of celebrities. While some might consider it to just be a sense of revealing clothes, others see it as an opportunity to take risks; breaking the bounds and expressing themselves with the help of their outfits. Fashion has always been a means of expression. Much like writing, singing, and painting; fashion stands out because it loudly speaks about who a person is.

Whether it is oversized t-shirts or naked fashion, it holds a part of who a person is and how comfortable they can be with their own attire. Julia Fox does the same with her own sense of fashion, expressing her choice and freedom with the help of the clothes she wears.