Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter recently said that Theory worked a boring, outdated style of wrestling from the 90s. He felt that younger stars around the world were doing much better than Theory, and he needed to change his style before being overshadowed by other stars.

This week on Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru, Cornette showed his disapproval of Alvarez’s advice by calling him “numbnuts.” He felt that Austin Theory had the look of a future champion and didn’t need to do the high spots like other indie wrestlers to get himself over.

“He has the physique, the size, the look, the promo and the attitude, and the wrestling talent. This numbnuts idiot is telling him don’t do so good. Do the sh*t that all these other little children do around the world in the outlaw promotions that book me.”

Cornette ridiculed Bryan’s advice and claimed that Theory was getting paid well by WWE and should continue to do what he’s good at.

“Don’t do what your employers that are paying you, I would assume in the high six figures and it will probably be seven when he’s world champion. Don’t do what they want you to do, what you’re so good at. Do what all these other jackoffs that are never gonna sniff the WWE unless they buy a ticket do. That’s Bryan Alvarez’s advice. Thanks a lot, pal.” [From 2:36 – 3:20]