Henry Cavill’s Argylle Look Is Getting Roasted

Whether it’s hunting monsters as Geralt of Rivia or saving the day as Superman, there’s little Henry Cavill can’t pretend to do, and his fans usually love seeing the actor no matter the project. Naturally, his upcoming appearance in Matthew Vaughn’s “Argylle” has fans talking, but not quite in the way commonly associated with the actor’s work.

Previously, Cavill teased his role in the upcoming spy thriller, but with the recent release of the official trailer, we finally have an idea what to expect. Cavill plays the titular Argylle, a seemingly fictional superspy and the main character of Elly Conway’s (Bryce Dallas Howard) novels. Cavill stans have long wanted to see him in a similar role — or, more specifically, as the new James Bond — and while Cavill gets to shine as a superspy, nothing’s ever perfect: For instance, Cavill’s “Argylle” haircut.

Following the trailer’s premiere, the conversation didn’t take long to shift to Cavill’s spy thriller hairstyle — a questionable flattop that’s incredibly uncharacteristic of the actor’s usual looks. On X, formerly known as Twitter, @Bezl_bd replied to images of Cavill’s character, asking, “Is it only me that don’t like the haircut?” and soon after replying “Seems like we’re all in agreement” as the images opened a can of worms with everyone roasting Cavill’s new look.

Fans don’t have many good things to say about Henry Cavill’s haircut

It’s not every day that Henry Cavill finds himself on the end of countless roasts, but fans have flooded X with jokes about his hairstyle in “Argylle.”

For example, @Chris53891059 posted an image of Cavill’s character, writing, “Dear god, somebody needs to CGI that hair.” While the actor infamously had his mustache removed for “Justice League,” the user believes “Argylle” could make up for that mistake by using visual effects to improve his hairstyle in the upcoming film. The new look is so jarring that @Newdawntek didn’t even recognize Cavill. Meanwhile, @Ir3oluwa simply asked, “What is that hairline?”

Others compared Cavill’s movie hairstyle to other fictional characters — specifically, characters whose hairstyles nobody would want to have in the real world. For one, @NebsGoodTakes wrote, “He looks like a ‘Street Fighter’ antagonist,” while @LukeConnerton wrote, “Bro went to the barbers and said, ‘Can I have the Duke Nukem please?’” Other comparisons included @LtGeruzzi suggesting Captain Planet, @OvoOnoETH evoking Johnny Bravo, @NarrtheMisfit noting a resemblance to Vegeta, and @Penyuwan suggesting a likeness to Arnold Schwarzenegger as Ivan Danko. There’s also the possibility that Cavill’s haircut is a “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” reference; both @JollyRoger____ and @garousanzo pointed out the similarities to the anime’s Jean Pierre Polnareff.

On the bright side, @30secondstospn said, “I love how [he] is so committed with his character that he accepted to look like this even being one of the most beautiful men on Earth.”

Either way, it’s clear that while the movie tries to entice audiences with the tagline “From the twisted mind of Matthew Vaughn,” the most twisted thing in “Argylle” could be Henry Cavill’s haircut.

This isn’t Henry Cavill’s first hair-related controversy

It’s difficult to deny just how much of the conversation surrounding “Argylle” is focused on Henry Cavill’s unique look. While the flattop has certainly proven to be controversial, it’s also important to point out that fans of the British actor don’t always respond negatively when he switches up his look. After all, the thespian received considerable praise for rocking a handlebar mustache in 2018’s “Mission: Impossible – Fallout.” In the Tom Cruise action-thriller, Cavill stepped into the shoes of the nefarious August Walker — a rogue agent who goes toe to toe with Ethan Hunt (Cruise). While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Cavill candidly discussed just how strange but cool it was to sport the unique look. “If I was ever going to grow a mustache, it would have to be a world-changing mustache, and I’m glad it was,” said Cavill about his stache, adding that he “learned to love it.”

And it turns out that many of his fans loved that look, too. On X, fans can still be found reminiscing over Cavill’s iconic mustache era. “Watching ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout.’ Henry Cavill is *really* good in it. And he looks fantastic with a moustache,” wrote user @TheNakedPun earlier this year. “To be fair to Paramount — I, too, see why they wouldn’t allow Henry Cavill to shave his mustache. You could start a religion around this thing,” shared user @eric_ital back in 2021. The user is, of course, referring to Paramount Pictures not allowing Cavill to remove his stache for “Justice League” reshoots.

The consensus is clear: Fans are totally open to Cavill switching up looks so long as they’re actually good looks. While it remains to be seen how “Argylle” fares, it’s all but certain that the flick won’t be able to totally escape the titular character’s unique haircut.

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