You might wonder how to get a perm and look for information to find out how long does a perm takes to do a male. Keep reading this article to figure it out. While approaching to hairstylist, you are always excited to have some glossy waves and desired curls. With that excitement, the series of doubts in your mind would not relieve you.

There are plenty of questions that you might be thinking about. The critical questions that always arise are how long it takes and how long it lasts?

Before an appointment with a stylist, keep in mind that a perm requires a lot of steps, and taking a great time, regardless of how experienced your hairstylist is.

We discussed all the steps involved in perming your hair below for a better experience for a better understanding.


As the name reveals, A perm treats your straight hairstyle with chemicals to curl your hair. Perming takes a long to-do male hair. It is the question of town how long does a perm take to do male? However, this is not the permanent effect as the perm mostly lasts for 3 to 6 months depending on several factors.

The chemical is formed with ammonium thioglycolate resulting in a change in hair texture. The hairstylist of your saloon will roll your hair in a curling rod and apply the chemical to give your curly hair. After that, a neutralizing solution is used to strengthen the perming and maintain the pH level back to normal after the chemical. Now let’s discover the whole process step by step to evaluate the time it consumes.


Choosing the right choice for a perm is an initial process that determines the success of your desired look. If you have an experienced hairstylist, he would probably do this for you or guide you to decide.

The choices include the looks that you want. It is evaluated mainly by the needs of your hair type, personality, and desired curl.

Either you are looking for smaller sections of curls, making it a spiral perm, or you want to curl on some defined spot as Spot Perm. Don’t overthink; your hairstylist could guide you about all tricks and techniques of curling hairs.

Suppose you have researched enough to find the unique hairstyle and have a clear picture in your mind and smartphone. It saves your crucial time, rather than investing your hours in exploring different fashion magazines or samples of saloons to pick a perfect curl.

Depending on both situations, it could take fifteen minutes to one hour.


It is imperative to make sure that the head and scalp can control the amount of perming solution. However, the modern perming formulas are scalp friendly and do not harm like the old perming process of the 80s. Even it’s not harmful, the experts strongly oppose the idea of a perming back-to-back, as it could cause breakage or other damage.

If you recently used bleach, get expert advice from your hairstylist to set a time frame, as you should avoid applying both at the same time.

A strand test is also recommended; apply a perming chemical to a small portion of hairs to check for the desired look or any chemical reaction. If this goes well, you are ready to swing the waves.

Selecting the appearance is not time-consuming, but it usually takes 30 minutes. Sometimes multiple strand tests are done for sensitive scalps.


Before applying the perming solution and placing rods, the stylist would wash your hair with shampoo. Few hairstylists prefer to use a hair protector. When do you think how long does a perm take to do male? It is worth mentioning that your scalp also requires a standard rub? Dry the strands as much as possible with a towel. After rising off ultimately, the curling rods are placed in your hair.

These rods roll your hairs to shape styling curls to your thick hairs in approximately two hours, depending on the rods’ volume of follicles and thickness. Once all rods are placed correctly, 20 minutes of rest is given. Read the newspaper or listen to your favorite podcast to make the best use of time.

You can ask your hairdresser for a manicure or pedicure at this time. Now is the time to apply perming formula. This process of perming takes 2 to hours.


Your stylist would wait to dry your hair as long as it takes. After that, rods are removed safely, one by one, from all sections to give your distinguished and amazing curly hairstyle. Then neutralization solution is applied to avoid any harmful chemical reaction in your hair. In addition to opposing side effects, it balances pH level, disturbed by perming chemicals. Few stylists prefer to apply a neutralizing solution before removing rods. This process takes 20 minutes to complete.


To wrap it up, the time is determined by your stylist’s expertise and your desired look. The stylist would take more time with thick hair. From selecting the size of rods to applying the perming solution to give you tight curls has a lot of activities to complete.

You need to understand that perming is a time-consuming process. If an average time is noticed, it can take around 2 to 3 hours, depending on how fast your hairstylist is. Remember not to wash your hair for 48 hours to yield the best results. Your stylist would suggest you limit shampoo usage for a few weeks. In that condition, the conditioners are always helpful for hair.


Curling hairs is the hottest trend nowadays. We all desire to have fantastic hair for a healthy appearance. For long-lasting and styling curly hairs, the perming depends not entirely on its process but on how you take care of hairs afterward. I hope that this article brings your confusion to an end for the timing of perming. Now you are aware how long does a perm takes to do a male? In the comments, let us know how your experience with perming was and how much time it takes.