I Can’t Even Make Out All the Details of Megan Fox’s Metallic Rose Gold Drip Manicure

I need a magnifying glᴀss to closely examine all the details of Megan Fox’s metallic rose gold drip manicure. The actor took 3D to the next level with a futuristic set that combined some of 2023’s biggest nail trends, including super-shiny chrome and realistic 3D drips.

Per usual, Fox’s manicure was the work of Brittney Boyce, the artist responsible for all of Fox’s nail looks these days. As Boyce noted in the caption of her Reel, Fox’s manicure was inspired by a chrome swirl set by manicurist HollyWithTheGoodNails, and she wore it for a trip to Tokyo. To customize the mani style to Fox’s signature stargazing bombshell poet vibe, Boyce opted for a warm rose gold color that practically glows off the screen, especially with the metallic chrome finish from Daily Charme. A series of textural swirls and drips decorates each long, squoval-shaped nail for extra interest.

The video is sH๏τ in low light, but the color is so rich and shiny that you don’t need a flashlight to appreciate its depth and glimmer. From a distance, the drips simply look like a painted-on design, but when you get closer, you see every little facet. In some lights, they even appear to be a super light chartreuse green! Fox’s delicate new hand tattoos only add to the spellbinding effect.

Fox and Boyce love incorporating metallic and 3D textures into their manicures. For her return to the red carpet after a well-deserved break, Fox time traveled to the year 3000 with a silver and pink chrome mani, and at the height of summer, she turned up the heat with a stark white set with monochromatic drips reminiscent of an ice cube melting in the sun. We’re just a few days out from the official start of fall, so we’ll continue keeping our eyes peeled for what Fox may have planned for the autumnal equinox.

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