Curvy mum Chloe Sasha lost her confidence after getting divorced from her husband. She now makes her own money performing strip routines while she cooks – and her fans love it

A curvy mum determined to be “the next J-Lo” has raked in cash through cooking dinners in just her ʙικιɴι.

Mum-of-four Chloe Sasha went through a crisis of confidence when she went through a painful divorce with her husband. The 29-year-old began working as a dental office receptionist in a bid to single-handedly pay the bills and look after her kids. Soon Chloe, from Phoenix, US, realised she could combine her love of cooking with a crafty way to top up her earnings by sharing clips online of her prepping dinner in just her beachwear or even underwear.

The bi-lingual beauty became an online influencer after realising she could earn more than double than her office job. In her videos, she teaches her followers a “spicy” Spanish word of the way and rustles up Mexican dishes while giving a strip-tease in front of the camera. Chloe now has her sights set on becoming a household name and is eyeing up TV hosting and soap roles, with dreams of becoming the next Jennifer Lopez.

She said: “I already cook for my kids and cooking is a little time-consuming sometimes. I was like ‘why don’t I just cook and record myself cooking?’ “After what happened with my ex, I wasn’t as confident as I am now. “I was relying on my ex-husband financially, he was the breadwinner. Now I feel more confident because I’m not relying on anyone but myself. “Cooking in my underwear or a ʙικιɴι or even while naked has been so liberating. It’s fun and feminine and makes me feel great.

e“Now I’m very confident in my body. I’m more confident in the bdroom too. “I cook in swimwear [to start] but I’ll take my bottoms and top off. “I’ll take an item off and then I’ll put it back on, I’ll be teasing them the whole time, it’s strip cooking. “My parents are Mexican so that’s all I eat, they’re the recipes I know how to cook.”

Since Chloe started posting content online, she has attracted male followers to watch her cooking. “They really enjoy it, they think it’s H๏τ,” she shared. “I enjoy it all – getting to teach in Spanish and English and them getting to see me in a Sєxier way but still cooking. “I really like it because it embodies feminine energy. It also means I’m getting a big job done and making money at the same time.”

But cooking in the buff can come with its own dangers due to the number of H๏τ pans and ingredients used, something Chloe has luckily largely avoided.

Chloe said: “I’ve not had any injuries in the kitchen yet. I once got a little too close to a H๏τ pan when I was dumping broth in it.

“I wasn’t wearing a bra and the steam came up, I nearly burnt my boobs.”

Despite loving her work, Chloe hasn’t ruled out stepping out of the kitchen and launching a TV career.

Chloe said: “I’d like to do Netflix shows, a Mexican telenovela [soap opera] or be a host on a TV show, I think that would be really fun.

“I could totally see myself doing something like that, that’s the dream.

“I look up to J-Lo. I always tell my friends I want to be the next J-Lo.”