‘I spent £700k on body to turn my life around – but things weren’t always easy’

Influencer Klara Lima hasn’t had the easiest of lives. However, she now says she’s on the ‘path to stardom’ and admits spending £700,000 on her body helped get her to where she is now

Life is full of ups and downs – but it’s the journey we take that’s important, as influencer Klara Lima knows.

Klara, originally from the Czech Republic but now living in Miami, Florida, US, says her difficulties began during her school years. Her peers tormented and bullied the now 32-year-old because of her parent’s wealth stemming from her dad’s successful air conditioning company.  A tragic plane accident that claimed both her parents’ lives when she was 17 further extended her challenges. Inheriting her parents’ wealth without proper guidance, Klara fell into destructive habits, battling anorexia, bulimia, alcohol and drug addiction.

However, thankfully she’s managed to turn around. Talking about her story, Klara opened up to Cover Real Life.

She said: “One day my sister phoned me, and she was crying. She told me my mum and dad had been killed in a plane crash. “My world just collapsed, and I felt completely lost. When my parents died, I inherited a ton of money and had no idea how to spend it all.

“So, I went down a dark path and started experimenting with harder drugs. “I was consuming cocaine almost every day, in addition to smoking two packs of cigarettes, drinking alcohol, and bingeing on fast food. I gained over 88lbs (40kg) and hated myself because I felt so fat and ugly. It was the only way I managed to cope with my loss and unhealed wounds from being bullied.” Desperately trying to fill the void in her life, Klara developed two of the most dangerous eating disorders. “I have fought both anorexia and bulimia. At first, anorexia became my way of ᴀsserting power over my body,” she explained.

“As time went by, bulimia became my obsession. I didn’t care about the damage I was inflicting upon myself – I simply lost touch with the value of my own well-being. It was a dark and challenging period in my life, one that I fought tooth and nail to overcome.” A turning point came after a harrowing experience in Mexico, where Klara was on the verge of death during a drug-fuelled episode. This near-death encounter prompted her to make significant changes in her life, starting with going under the knife. With her first plastic surgery procedure at 19, which included a breast lift and implants, Klara shed the weight she gained through her struggles with bulimia.

She said: “When I hit 21, something clicked in my head. I wanted to change my life, to do something big. That’s when I came up with the idea of transforming my body even further with several more plastic surgeries. The beauty underwent a complete transformation, including three Brazilian ʙuтт lifts, four breast enhancements (her breast size is now 800cc – 34G), and facial sculpting. Klara’s transformation cost £776,370 ($1million). And while the cost of her transformation was significant, Klara firmly believed it was “the price to pay”. Her new look led to her competing in various modelling compeтιтions and making glamour modelling videos for six months before she realised she wanted more out of life.

And so, throughout her 20s, she embarked on a whirlwind adventure, travelling to vibrant cities like London, Ibiza, Dubai, and Miami, where she ultimately met her soulmate, Eugene, who would become her loving husband. Driven by a constant desire to improve, engage in self-development, and prioritise self-care, Klara made a monumental decision before turning 30: she vowed to eliminate alcohol entirely from her life. Little did she anticipate the profound impact this choice would have. Within just one year of sobriety, she underwent a remarkable physical transformation, shedding 40lbs (18kg).

Additionally, Klara completely overhauled her diet, embracing an exemplary approach to nutrition. She also redirected her career into the realm of real estate alongside her husband, as they embarked on building their own empire. Klara’s diverse talents led her to consult, direct, and model for numerous successful brands and businesses. Moreover, she pᴀssionately supports health-oriented brands and projects that align with her values. Her desire to inspire and empower others further motivated her to launch her own show, Out Of This World Show.

On this platform, she invites well respected influential figures, super successful entrepreneurs and legends to engage in conversations centered around topics of inspiration and personal growth. Her ultimate goal is to demonstrate to her audience that anyone can transform their life by cultivating a mindset which serves their highest potential.

She amᴀssed a large following on Instagram, around 175,000 followers, as well as on Facebook, where her Klara Lima page boasts over 500,000 fans and growing. Today, Klara is well known for her career as a life coach, brand and business consultant, TV and Media Personality (she has done 5 different features in international shows), model and creative director. “In addition to running my own successful clothing brand company, KAJU Clothing, I’m a rapper and songwriter, having released my first single and music video for the song, Push. My music is extremely aggressive. It’s angry music, and I enjoy writing the lyrics,” she gushed.

When she’s not working, Klara, who goes by the name Kitana Savage, indulges in her pᴀssion for fashion and beauty.

“I’m particularly focused on my appearance because I need people to start taking me more seriously than they did when I used to upload half-naked pH๏τographs of myself,” she explained. “I typically spend three hours doing my hair and makeup every day and always dress in designer clothing.” And, while her Instagram following can occasionally generate harsh remarks, Klara says she is no longer deterred by negativity. “I have to be confident since everyone is staring at me all the time,” she added. “You have to love yourself no matter what the society thinks and stand strong with it! That’s the power. Nobody can bring you down if you truly know who you are and where you are heading.”

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