Jennifer Lawrence – Queen of red carpet makeup

With a subtle transformation of make-up, ‘Miss Mystique’ always shines every time she attends the event with the perfect look.

Jennifer Lawrence is one of Hollywood’s most expensive beauties because of her acting talent and attractive appearance. In particular, the X-Men: Days of Future Past star is also highly appreciated for her ingenious beauty style. Diverse make-up techniques are the secret to helping her shine every time she appears on the red carpet. In 2011, the actress followed a gentle makeup style with Sєxy ɴuᴅᴇ lipstick colors combined with luxurious bronze eyeshadow.

A feature that is always appreciated in beauties is that she has never made a make-up mistake every time she attends an event. She always knows how to moderate the tones in a harmonious and appropriate way. When applying deep red lipstick, the star only applied thin eyeliner and trimmed her delicate bow eyebrows.

Pale blush with lipstick is a plus point for ingenious beauty style. The crown braided hair exalts the nobility but is still young and sweet.

In 2013, “mystique” transformed into a Sєxy and seductive make-up with the dominant red lipstick tone.

The technique of drawing black eyeliner on both upper and lower eyelids is still preferred by beauties because it helps the “soul window” to be deeper and more attractive. In addition, the charming bun, loose shoulder-length hairstyles add more charm to the  girl.

Dark pink lipstick combined with dynamic lob hair enhances the star’s youthful look on the red carpet.

The actress transformed into a noble lady with outstanding red-orange lipstick mixed with a bold black eyeliner method with a luxurious and mysterious veil.

2014 is an important time marking a turning point in Jennifer Lawrence’s beauty style. The actress “transformed” from the image of a stylish and noble lady to a personality style by cutting her long hair and choosing outstanding lipstick shades in a classic and slightly disruptive style.

Instead of just using the familiar, monotonous bronze eyeshadow, the beauty chose a Sєxy, attractive smoke tone combined with a youthful orange blush.

With a youthful short bob, she does not tie herself to a monotonous hairstyle but often changes new styles. The makeup is also changed to create a harmonious overall. Instead of just clicking on the “window of the soul” as before, she applied bright lipstick tones such as ruby ​​red, orange red, magenta…

Appearing splendidly at the 2014 Academy Awards , the beauty scored with a short hair style combed back, but still has a gentle, feminine look with attractive pale pink lipstick.

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