Upon SAG strike resolution, the very first thing in production needs to be some sort of fantastical, big-budget series dreamed up by Megan Fox. It might sound like a stretch, but actually, this is based purely on her aesthetic choices and Instagram quips. The impossibly creative outfit-hair-nail combinations she comes up with alone are testament to a truly grade-A imagination — the jump from style star to visual director isn’t very far at all. Case in point? Megan Fox’s white 3D nails, which pack more detail into one tiny, textured pinky than some full-on screenplays. As she continues her streak of elaborate pH๏τoshoots, sultry date-night looks, and hilarious commentary on all of it, the inspiration Fox is on a seriously aspirational roll.

The snowy-white manicure is a custom creation by celebrity nail artist Brittney Boyce, also known online as Nails Of L.A. She and Fox have cooked up quite a few especially creative designs recently, including laser-cut chrome nails, and even a set of 14-karat white-gold tips inlaid with tiny diamond crosses that were handmade for the 2023 Grammy Awards. Fox’s white, stiletto-shaped manicure might not double as actual fine jewelry, but they’re no less luxe — or lacking any detail. Really, the only thing missing here is a still closeup pH๏τo so all that intricate texture can be properly admired.

Keeping in life with Fox’s ethereal-meets-edgy aesthetic, the nails appear to be covered in amorphous but almost vine-like designs snaking up each finger.Something about the specific patterns feels — stay with me here — both futuristic and distinctly…elfin. Look at her last set created by Boyce and try to say they don’t look like a Mirkwoodian manicure Legolas would have if he slayed (harder):

Considering Fox is always at the forefront of the coolest beauty trends, it’s no surprise that 3D manicures are picking up steam right now. Fellow A-lister Lizzo is similarly on the textured nail wave, debuting a H๏τ-pink set of “crocodile scale” nails just last week. Similarly, Rihanna wore tiny blooming Chanel camellia charms across her nails at this year’s Met Gala, and Dua Lipa’s made public her love for blob-bubble manicures.

Now that Fox has served up a few different 3D nail ideas, expect the trend to hit critical mᴀss right away. Her aesthetic influence is truly something to behold — any way she can get in on the next season of Amazon’s Tolkien series?