Kaley Cuoco has posted some tough workouts on her Instagram Stories. One of them was so hard that she called it “torture.” The Big Bang Theory star workout in a white sleeveless top and black tracksuit bottoms. The star posted three different workouts including walking-out push-ups and alternating box steps. She lifted herself with one leg for the last exercise while strapped into some gear.

Ukrainian girls looking for men In one of the videos, Kaley wrote. I forced jamiemakeup to join me in torturing ryan Sorensen. But even though the workout was hard, she still found time to have fun. During one of her sets, she stopped to start twerking and dancing off with her friend. She made a joke: Dance break.
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In her last video, where she lifted herself with one leg, she wasn’t happy with her trainer and said, THESE WERE JUST NOT ENJOYABLE, FYI ryan Sorensen. Kaley is married to equestrian Karl Cook. They got engaged on Kaley’s 32nd birthday in 2017 and married in 2018. When the voice actress for Harley Quinn shared the news, she posted a video of herself crying as Karl asked HoneyHow do you feel, honey? Honey, what’s that on your finger.

Then Kaley yelled We’re getting married Karl also posted the video on Instagram with the caption.Who knew that my last post was so wise Well, I finally got the courage to ask her to marry me after almost two years. She said yes this is the best night of my life and the video shows that Kaley feels the same way. Kaley used to date Johnny Galecki, who was also on Big Bang Theory, from 2007 to 2009.

After they broke up, they still got along well. In 2011, the actress from Flight Attendant got engaged to addiction specialist Josh Resnick, but they broke up the following year. In 2013, the actress got committed to tennis player Ryan Sweeting. They had been dating for three months when they got engaged. In 2015, they said they wanted to split up, and the divorce was finalized in 2016.