Kaley Cuoco looked incredibly toned as she stepped out for yoga on Monday. The 37-year-old actress was seen in Studio City carrying a towel and backpack as she traversed the sidewalks on her way to the sweat session.

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The Big Bang Theory passed a Poquito Mas Mexican fast food chain, but did not go in, showing restraint. Kaley started her day in a grey tank top that hugged her body tightly and revealed her bountiful bosom.

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She rocked tiny blue fitness shorts and a pair of funky flip flops. While feeding the parking meter, the stars messy bun was noticeable as she swept her golden locks away from her youthful face.

The Tinseltown mainstay finished the look with a pair of retro mirrored shades. The former 8 Simple Rules star last year spoke out about her fitness regimen, making clear it’s a daily routine in her life.

‘Bottom line is, you know, I’m not 21 anymore. It used to be so easy, I didn’t have to do as much,’ she told Women’s Health. ‘Now, it’s part of my day – working out is part of my day, eating right is part of my day.’

In the chat, Kaley revealed that she came to realize her favorite way to keep fit via trial and error, as she’s not big on running. ‘When I found hot yoga, I fell in love with it and was like, “This is my thing,”‘ she said, adding, ‘I like spinning, so I try to mix that in.’

Meanwhile, Kaley is set to finish the next two seasons of the CBS hit Big Bang Theory as salary negotiations have been settled. CBS also announced a prequel to the sitcom called Young Sheldon that will appear in the Fall lineup. Young Sheldon will follow the childhood family life of Jim Parson’s character, Sheldon Cooper. As of yet, there have been no plans to include the rest of the series’ cast, including Kaley, as they did not meet until adulthood.