Katy Perry Says She Recently Went Through A Sєxual Awakening

It’s been a huge month for Katy Perry. Between releasing two new singles, “Bon Appéтιт” and “Swish Swish” from her upcoming album, Witness, and performing on the season finale of SNL, it’s hard to imagine how she has much time to sleep, let alone have a Sєx life. But if her recent interview with Entertainment Weekly is any indication, Perry seems to be doing just fine.

“Right now in my life, I feel very Sєxually empowered rather than being taken advantage of Sєxually or being manipulated by other people,” she told EW. “I must have opened up a chakra in my hips at some point because I feel great! I know exactly what I want. I think this is a consensual transaction if I want it, and it’s a beautiful thing to embrace once you’re ready for it.”

Though there is no such thing as a hip chakra — the sacral chakra, which affects Sєxuality, is located in the lower abdomen — it’s great to learn that Perry, who split from beau Orlando Bloom back in February, is happy and satisfied both in and out of the bedroom.

As EW writes, the singer’s newfound empowerment seems to have also made its way into her music, as seen in her provocative video for “Bon Appéтιт,” where’s she’s quite literally made into a meal for a hungry suitor.

While we’re excited for Perry’s new Sєxual outlook, it’s important to mention that at no point should anyone feel “taken advantage of Sєxually” or “manipulated” during any Sєxual encounter. Sєx should always be a “consensual transaction,” period. It breaks our hearts to learn that Perry, like so many women, has felt unsafe with a partner in the past.

We hope that by sharing her own experience, others will feel inspired to step away from toxic relationships and get the support they need.

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