Liv Morgan arrested in Florida; charges revealed

Liv Morgan was arrested last night in Sumter Counter, Florida, at around 10:04 PM after being pulled over by police. The charges have been revealed, and they might surprise you.

Liv Morgan, as you may know, has been out of action for a while now, and WWE fans have been eagerly anticipating her return.

PWInsider reported that Morgan was arrested for “possession of marijuana (not more than 20 grams) and possession of drugs, possibly synthetic cannabinoid.

She has already posted bail and has been released.

The former champion's mugshot
The former champion’s mugshot

It appears that Liv Morgan had a vape pen that was tested to contain marijuana, which is illegal to possess in Florida. The amount said to be in Morgan’s possession would constitute a misdemeanor under the state’s laws. Unsurprisingly, wrestling fans have been quick to call out how ridiculous the charge was against the former SmackDown Women’s Champion.

Possession of Marijuana, let alone small amounts in 2023, isn’t as taboo as it once was, and many have called out the authorities for this crackdown, especially at a time when many states in the US have legalized marijuana.

A few more details from PWInsider's report
A few more details from PWInsider’s report

This is a far cry from a “drunk driving” incident and is certainly in a different class than finding hard drugs. Fans will be hoping that this doesn’t affect Morgan’s standing in WWE – which itself has relaxed its stance on marijuana in the last few years.

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