Liv Morgan reacts to a guy ruining his five-year marriage by texting someone impersonating the WWE Superstar

Liv Morgan has responded to a viral video showing an eight-year relationship getting ruined due to a catfisher pretending to be the WWE Superstar.

Catfishers have been plaguing the pro-wrestling community for a long time now, and many gullible fans have fallen into their traps in the past. These scammers usually pretend to be WWE Superstars and attempt to dupe fans of their hard-earned finances.

In a video that’s currently going viral on Twitter and TikTok, a guy can be seen getting caught texting a fake Liv Morga. The fake account was seemingly made by a scammer. When the truth came out, the guy’s wife of five years walked away, hinting that the marriage was over. The video came to Morgan’s notice, who sent out a one-word reaction to the same. Check it out below:

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Liv Morgan is just one of several WWE Superstars who have been targeted by catfishers

In the past, WWE Superstars like Seth Rollins and Alexa Bliss have suffered due to scammers pretending to be them on social media. When a fan got duped of his hard-earned money by a scammer pretending to be Seth Rollins, he ended up attacking the WWE Superstar live on an episode of RAW.

Alexa Bliss has sent out several tweets over the years, pleading with fans not to fall into scammers’ traps who pretend to be her. She also made it clear that she has only one official Twitter and Instagram handle and that fans shouldn’t believe if any other account messages them as her. As for Liv Morgan, she is one of the most beloved stars in the business and has always been grateful to her fans. She seemed quite upset over what happened in the viral video.

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