Former WWE Superstar Mandy Rose recently spoke about her time on Total Divas.

The former NXT Women’s Champion joined WWE in 2015 and immediately joined the cast of the fifth season of Total Divas. However, her run on the reality show lasted a single season before she was taken off.

On the latest episode of her Power Alphas podcast, Rose revealed why the company decided to take her off the show. She disclosed that it was hard for her to train while filming. Hence, she and the company concluded that she had to focus on her wrestling training.

“It was really hard for me [to] train at the same time while filming. I would be on the road like the whole weekend basically and then, or sometimes, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and I would come back Wednesday. (…) And in NXT developmental, the beginning of the week is like your most important to get like everything down like fundamentals and like training and all that. So, I’d come back on a Wednesday in like early, I’d fly actually right there. They’d literally like [to] make sure I go to the Performance Center right away. And I would try to train, and it was just a lot, like, I was like jet-lagged, and I was just like filming so much. It was just a lot.”

The 33-year-old added:

“It was really hard because a lot of the girls were like Wednesday was their easy day, like sometimes there was even no ring. So, like, I would just work out, and I would get in the ring by myself or with some girls that wanted to get in. But I was not at their level yet. Like, even the girls that got signed the same time as me, I didn’t have the proper training and the proper time to get to where I needed to get to to be at that state and be at that level of performance.”

Rose further spoke about her initial schedule in WWE:

“So, it was really tough. The schedule was insane, and that’s when, like, we kinda realized that, okay, I need to like train and become better at wrestling. I need to wrestle. I need the reps. I need to kinda be off the show and have all the time to be able to do this. Like, I need to put the time in. So that was why I didn’t make it to another season. Or, however, maybe some other reasons that I don’t know about.” [23:58 – 25:42]

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Mandy Rose was released from WWE last year

Mandy Rose competed for nearly seven years in WWE and held the NXT Women’s Championship for over 400 days. However, the company released her from her contract in December 2022 due to the content she posted on her exclusive website.