Megan Fox is a celebrity who has been making headlines for decades now. Over the past few year they’re mostly been about her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly, and the issues they seemingly had. But she’s also kept busy professionally, and will soon be returning to the big screen. And Fox looks badᴀss (and is the only woman) in the brand new Expendables 4 poster.

The Expendables franchise began back in 2010, with the original movie featuring a huge cast of beloved action stars. Megan Fox will be joining in on the fun for the fourth movie, and getting into a ton of thrilling sequences in the process. A poster for Expendables 4 recently highlighted the cast of the sequel, including Fox herself. Check it out below:

The boys are back for another thrilling adventure, and Megan Fox will be in on all the action for the fourth installment of the franchise. We’ll just have to see how her new character factors into the story, and if she ends up having an ongoing role in the property. For what it’s worth, Fox was heavily featured in the Expendables 4 trailer.

Not all that much is known about the contents of Expendables 4, but it’ll once again take the team on a life or death mission full of action. This time they’ll be tasked with stopping a possible nuclear conflict between the Russia and the United States which was set up by a terrorist organization. And I’m particularly eager to see where Fox’s new character ends up, and watch the Transformers star kick some ᴀss.

In Expendables 4 Megan Fox will be playing a new character named Gia. She’s the ex-girlfriend of Jason Statham’s Lee Christmas, and is also a CIA agent. She and Statham are shown doing some Sєxy fighting in the movie’s trailer, because why not? But it’ll no doubt be more exciting to see them teaming up and dispatching bad guys throughout the sequel’s runtime.

Aside from her upcoming role in Expendables 4, Megan Fox also broke the internet when debuting as one of cover models for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Also featured with Fox was Martha Stewart, which helped get even more eyes on the images.

But as previously mentioned, Fox has been making countless headlines over the last few years thanks to her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly. Originally the pair were shown for the unconventional ways they showed affection, including drinking each other’s blood. But they’ve reportedly been working through some issues, seemingly going back to when Fox deleted their pH๏τos together on social media over Super Bowl weekend. MGK and Fox are allegedly moving forward with wedding planning, so hopefully that’s all behind them.

The Expendables 4 will hit theaters on September 22nd. In the meantime, check out the 2023 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.