In a candid revelation, actress Megan Fox has disclosed a deeply personal experience with an ectopic pregnancy during her younger years. The revelation came to light during a recent interview with Women’s Wear Daily, where Fox bared her soul about the pregnancy losses she has endured, including a recent miscarriage. This undisclosed chapter in her life has been brought to the forefront as Fox actively promotes her book of poems, titled “Pretty Boys Are Poisonous,” released on November 7.

Opening up about her motive behind sharing such intimate details, Fox expressed a desire to connect with other women who may have undergone similar experiences. In her own words, she emphasized that this personal aspect needed to come out in public for its potential impact, transcending the realms of her cinematic endeavors or social media presence. The actress elaborated on her poignant journey by penning two poems within the book that narrate the emotional turmoil surrounding a recent miscarriage with her current partner, the musician known as Machine Gun Kelly, or Colson Baker.

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Reflecting on the profound difficulty she faced while composing these verses, Fox delved into the intricacies of her emotions, highlighting the stark contrast to her previous encounters with pregnancy-related challenges. She disclosed, “That experience was so much harder than I would’ve anticipated it being, and I’ve really analyzed ‘why was that? Why was that so difficult for me?’ Because when I was younger, I had an ectopic pregnancy, I’ve had other things that I’m not going to say because God forbid the world will be in an uproar. But I’ve been through other similar issues, but not with someone who I was so in love with,” referring to her profound connection with Machine Gun Kelly.

Ectopic pregnancies, as explained by medical experts, occur when a fertilized egg implants and starts developing outside the uterus, often in the fallopian tubes. Unlike a normal pregnancy progressing within the uterus, this condition poses serious risks and requires prompt medical intervention.

The revelation of Fox’s past ectopic pregnancy sheds light on the challenges faced by women dealing with reproductive health issues. Early detection and medical attention are crucial in managing ectopic pregnancies, averting potential complications such as the rupture of the fallopian tube, which can be a medical emergency. Megan Fox’s brave disclosure resonates with many, offering solace and understanding to those who may have walked a similar path.