Megan Fox returns to Instagram and criticizes ‘baseless’ rumors about their relationship

The rumors about Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly breakup went wild after the actress shared a cryptic post on Instagram, unfollowed MGK, and then later deactivated her account. Now, Megan Fox has returned back on Instagram as she sets the record straight about her relationship while criticizing the ‘baseless’ rumors. Here are all the details to know.

Megan Fox about her relationship
Megan Fox said that no third parties were involved in their relationship of any kind including direct messages, succubus demons, AI bots, and actual humans. She further asks people to leave the innocent parties involved alone with the random ‘baseless rumors’ and let this story die in peace.

As the actress activated her Instagram account, all the posts have been archived from her feed. Megan Fox is also back to following zero people on Instagram after she previously followed Timothée Chalamet, Eminem, and Harry Styles. Eminem reportedly has been feuding with Machine Gun Kelly over the last few years.

Fans immediately speculated that their breakup was caused because Machine Gun Kelly might be cheating on Megan Fox with the guitarist Sophie Lloyd. However, in an exclusive statement Lloyd’s management team was quick to shut down the rumors and said that these meritless accusations on social media are untrue and disrespectful to the artist.

Machine Gun Kelly is yet to make any official statement about their relationship or Megan Fox’s recent behavior on social media.

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