Megan Fox reveals one of the worst things she’s done to an ex-boyfriend ‎

Megan Fox reveals one of the worst things she’s done to an ex-boyfriend ‎

Megan Fox has revealed one of the worst things she’s done to an ex-boyfriend. The actor, 37, spoke candidly about her previous relationships during an episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, which aired on 10 November, while promoting her new book of poems, Pretty Boys Are Poisonous. When host Drew Barrymore asked her what the worst thing is that she’s done to a previous boyfriend, Fox was coy at first.

“I don’t know if that’s something I can say on TV,” Fox confessed during the episode, according to Entertainment Tonight. While she didn’t share the absolute “worst” thing she’s done, she did give an example. The Jennifer’s Body star specified that the incident occurred after she got upset with her ex.

“When I was young and I did have a temper and I was wild, I got mad and I took a bunch of paint and I painted a Friedrich Nietzsche quote all over his walls so he had to repaint his house afterwards,” she said. “It was a really angry quote about how life is futile, you suck basically.” However, according to Fox, that situation wasn’t the worst thing that’s done, as she said that on a scale of one to 10, it was a “two” for her.

“But that’s what I can share,” she quipped. “That gives you an idea of what I was capable of.” While promoting her collection of poems, Fox – who’s engaged to Machine Gun Kelly – has opened up about her dating experiences. During an appearance on Good Morning America earlier this week, she described how she’s been in physically abusive relationships before.

During the interview, she also reflected on experiencing a miscarriage with Kelly, which she wrote about in her book. She went on to acknowledge how challenging the miscarriage was for both her and the musician, whose real name is Colton Baker.

“I had never been through anything like that before in my life,” the Transformers star said about the miscarriage. “I have three kids, so it was very difficult for both of us. And it sent us on a very wild journey together and separately, and together and apart, and together and apart, and together and apart, trying to navigate: ‘What does this mean? Why did this happen?’”

Prior to her relationship with Kelly, Fox and her former husband of 10 years, Brian Austin Green, welcomed three children: Noah, 11, Bodhi, nine, and Journey, seven. Meanwhile, Kelly shares a 14-year-old daughter, Casie, with ex Emma Cannon.

Elsewhere in her conversation with Barrymore, Fox described how Kelly supported her when she started writing her poetry book.

“I think it helps that he’s an artist himself, and he recongises that he has this outlet where he gets to experience his catharsis through songwriting,” she said. “Where he gets to express his pain in that way. And as an actor, you don’t really have that because I’m reading someone else’s dialogue. So I don’t get to go to work and really put my experiences or my pain in my art. So he recognsied that I needed an outlet for that.”

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